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Santino Anania

Dw tecnology

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It varies across Powers, which have different technological strengths. I don't know of a specific RADAR yet, but since they have Target Painters, there is some form of radio based signal generation and detection. Radio is mentioned in the TAC cards I believe. All is possible in this world if the game needs it. As well as some "blind spots" of missing technology we might expect them to have. One can assume that some of the trickiest tech is only in military channels. They are way ahead in basic understanding of electricity and wave theory than history. Historically the existence of radio waves and wave propagation was not known (except,  perhaps by a few leading edge dudes) until the very late 19th and early twentieth century.

Meanwhile they seem to use steam mechanics for many things and metallurgy is mixed, with lots of brass. The proliferation of technology and displacement of older tech, which works just fine for most purposes can be a reason to describe the mix of what we would see as an odd use of inferior materials. Besides its an excuse to have cool looking things. Like ships that are larger than a cruiser can move in one turn.

A strength of DW is the very short weapons ranges. Accomplished by messing with turn time length and just making it fun.

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