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Also heaven forbid the fleet needs to pull into a spacedock for repairs after a battle:

"Ship 2343235 you are approaching at too great a speed, please decelerate to come to a halt and we can tow you in"

"Negative spacedock, the Admiral spent our last CO focusing fire so I am unable to come to a halt"

"Uhhh...what? Ok, can you please change course to avoid a collision"

"Negative spacedock, we have been unable to repair the engines and the Admiral has no CO left to tell my engineers to do their job automatically"

"So...you're coming at us and unable to stop?"

"Affirmative spacedock"

"...and Foldspace?"

"Admiral has no CO, they wanted to bring an extra escort for the battleship so we are unable to activate foldspace drives"

"That...but...what? How does that even?"

"It was an honour serving with you spacedo...BOOOM"

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you see, this has been a directorate plot all along, allow me to spin the tale...

we have sies in all your ranks, works raptor agents going by alias's of tarqui scientists and hawker engineers they have slowly but surely planted the seeds, allowing the directorate to "hack" any and all systems, until a joint effort powered by "tarqui" scientists innovation, and "hawker industries" ingenuity, and working knowledge of cyber warfare tech, have developed a new relay system, completely unhackable, it uses the tarqui short range teleporters (further developed from using overseer tech) to send the message via literal paper mail, teleported to the ship being ordered.

the only catch is this device requires a powerful conductor, gold happens to be the best for these purposes ("hawker industries" swears by it) oddly enough, no gold remains after use...almost as if it too were teleported... and it uses  rather large amount, however the method is "effective" and all the warships have been retrofitted, to avoid the anavoidable hacking of directorate ships (which hacks may or may not be administered from within, but i'm not telling)

meanwhile, the directorate coffers fill with gold, as fleets must spend valuable resource to "power" the device :ph34r:

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