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Drone launcher/carrier = normal carrier w lame SAWs?

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Other than 6" carrier functions, am I right in assuming that drone launchers are basically just normal carriers now, with incredibly lame SAWs?

We used to only lose 1 carrier point on a CRIT (and a drone dropped from the sky), now every damage point reduces a Carrier point?!

We've gone from sending out aggressive drone spam up ahead to clear the skies, b4 wave two of bombers to clear the waters.

We now need our drones to return to be re-armed rather than just firing out a fresh batch. I always imagined the 'ditch' after attack run previously, represented that they'd either self destruct/kamikaze, or they'd autopilot back to the nearest drone launcher.

Now we have 14" move again, can launch out an extra 2", without an activation marker (all great ways to be effective and get up the board), but can't move ahead of our fleet cos the SAS lose all effectiveness (lost MARS that make SAS work)?!

If we don't have the right vessels, with the right MAR, in the right places then they'll not perform. If we do have the right ships in the right place, they just about (but not quite) come upto the standards of normal SAWs.


Normal carriers now enjoy almost all the benefits previously available to drone launchers for no extra cost.


I quite liked the idea before that with Swarm tactics, perhaps our SAW each represented numerous drones (far more than a normal SAW worth of planes), because they were that much smaller.... only thru numbers they got better, overwhelming the foe.

The Hunter MARs should still be present because that represented whatever targeting array was placed in the drone for its desired target. 

Only the acrobatic pilot etc kicked in near drone relay ships. It made sense.


New orbits have a LOT to change/explain

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Have been scuppered in many aspects, now need to look at using combat coordinator MARs to best effect.  I guess it reflects a degree of 'reality' in that control radius for drone uplinks etc are critical to achieve maximum impact.  On the upside we have some very effective mutli-role ships and the Aristotle-Kepler combination can be very effective.


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