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Clifford's fleets of fancy

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It's been a while since I've posted on this forum, but in the cyclic nature of these things my gaming group is getting back into some good fleet action fun and I'm getting some lovely chunks of resin painted.

First up is a cruiser for my communist space lizards:



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Why, thank you.B)


Prior to this I'd been painting some 15mm historicals in various shades of muddy brown, so this was pretty much an excuse to break out the bright & gaudy.

Fluff wise many lizards use bright colours as part of threat displays, so I can always argue these guys do the same.

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Thanks for the complements folks.

Two more directorate ships done.

Those are rather big guns.



Our club's regular Terran player has agreed to give me a game. He's never played against directorate but he is very fond of his shields & shield cruisers. He might be in for a surprise.

@WestAustralian pics of the two fleets together are coming - I just want to get a few directorate done first.

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