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got some questions (I'm new)

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1. I am wondering it the list you do is pubic (not counting the TAC cards, obviously). So, do my opponent get to know what kind of troops (well, some are really obvious), weapons, upgrades I have before the game begin ? or is it revealed after or during the game (like Mine Tanks against Ironclads (I think) would be way better as a suprise).

2. When building my army, I thought I understand the milita, regular and veteran upgrade think until I read the Pionner Heavy Ironclad Section. 
At first, I thought that when I upgrade the Federal Infantry Battle (for example) section to Veteran, I would upgrade from 2 Black dice to 2 red dice.

But when I see the Pionneer Heavy Ironclad Section, there is absolutely no difference(s) (from what I see) except the point cost. And it's not for the weapons either because they both are red dice.

What is happening there ?

3. When I look at the Federal Infantry HMG Support and the Field Gun section, there is something confusing :

When I look at the HMG support in the section size part they mention "infantrymen", in the command capability and point cost, they mention"linemen" and in the other sections, they go back to "infantrymen"

When I look at Field Gun section, it's the same thing.  + in the command capability they say  " Each regular lineman (crew) costs 25 pts". Why do they put "crew" in parenthesis ? It confuses me because I don't know if "each lineman (infantrymen ?) or the crew total costs 25 pts. (probably the first option but still confusing)

*note that I looked at the FAQ before coming in here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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It's ALWAYS good to see a new face around here. Lets see if I can help you with all your questions.

1. I glanced through the Force Building and the Game Setup sections. I didn't see it say whether or not you show your opponent your army list. I'd say discuss with your opponent and do whatever y'all want to. I will say that my friends and I never really felt a need to hide anything from each other regarding our lists but we never really felt it necessary to really show or explain our lists. 

In the Game Setup section it does say that written lists are good to allow verification of the legality of the force. But it only says that the players "should" make a written force list. It doesn't say they "must".

I'd say just play it as you and your friends would like.

2. The Command Capability (Militia, Regular, or Veteran option) ONLY affects the command checks. The Senior Officers rating determines the Initiative dice color and some orders. The units rating determines the color of the dice used for receiving orders, and taking morale checks.

BUT there is also some optional supplemental rules that provide additional rules for command and control.

3. The model cost is for each individual model.

In the FSA Orbat the sections really should not say Linemen. It appears to have been copy-paste errors by not changing Linemen to Infantrymen like it was everywhere else.

BUT. The HMG section is comprised of individual models and pairs of them are then upgraded to HMG teams.

For a Regular HMG team: 

2 infantryman section is 50 points. Upgraded to a HMG the section is 60 points.

4 infantryman section is 100 points. With 1 HMG the section is 110 points and with all infantrymen upgraded to HMGs is 125 points.

6 infantryman section is 150 points. With 1 HMG the section is 160 points and with 2 HMGs it is 175 points and all infantrymen upgraded (3 teams) it is 195 points.

If you add an extra model to be the sergeant then it is an extra 30 points.


The Field Gun is different because instead of a section of upgraded infantrymen it is a vehicle with crew that you must purchase.

The infantrymen have "crew" in parenthesis just because it is trying to say they function as the crew of the Field Gun and are required for it to work.

The Field Gun costs 90 points and 2 Regular crew models costs 140 points (This is the minimum cost of the section). Any extra crew is purchased on top of this at 25 points each.

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