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2.5 - Russians Vs Ottomans - 1250 Naval - King of the Hill

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Todays game was against yet another different nation. This time, the second outing for my Russians Vs the first outing for a friends Ottomans. 1250 points, King of the Hill.

Once again, the scenery was rolled and placed before the scenario was rolled.

Lists were:



  • Borodino with the Commodore
  • Pakhtusov Mk 1
  • Dudinka with a Fighter Ace
  • Magadan Squadron (Tunguska with Squadron Support and 2 Saransk)
  • Azov (Advanced Deploy)
  • 5x Kazimov
  • 4x Novgorod



  • Sadrazam with the Commodore and 2x Mizrak
  • Hisar (represented by KoB Avenger)
  • 3x Fettah (1x represented by a French Cruiser)
  • 3x Fettah (1x represented by a French Cruiser)
  • 4x Avci (represented by KoB Orions)
  • 4x Mizrak
  • 4x Zuhaf (1x represented by a KoB Merlin)


We managed to get three turns in. Most of the game was very one sided, dominated by Russian brutality, while my opponent struggled to get to grips with the Ottoman play style (very, very different from the KoB he's used to).

It was looking like a solid, decisive, Russian victory until the final shot of the game. The last 2 Fettahs moved to finish off my Dudinka which was down to 1HP. A Magazine Explosion later, my undamaged Borodino plus Commodore was Sturginium Flared onto rocks, scrapping it instantly. The resultant disorder tests saw the final Kazimov being lost to a mutiny while one of the Saransk succumbed to its' 3 corrosion markers.

Final result was the Russians scraping a win by only 60 VP due to holding the objective!


All in all, a really good game.  Ottomans look like they can really hold their own with some surprisingly large dice pools.  My opponent needs to get in some more games to get comfortable with the Storm Generators and skimmers in general.


Apologies, as Photobucket wants £400 per year to allow 3rd Party Hosting, the photos for my reports are on Facebook for the time being:





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Correction to force list

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