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Victory Points

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Prizing does, clearing a prized ship from the enemy just takes the VP away from them, rather than giving you any.

I think some people missed what you were asking though, the "add all the points up" part is pretty straight forward, it is the other things like strategic value and prizing that are mixed throughout the rules.  Of course scenario specific VP has to be in the scenario itself rather than any overall table.

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During the course of a game, you can gain or lose vps.

+ sink an enemy vessel (its points value, plus any strategic value)

+ prize an enemy vessel (its points value ×2, plus any strategic value)

+ salvage back a vessel that had been prized (half its points value)

- have a vessel you prized get salvaged back (lose whatever its "prized" value was)

+/- playing or cancelling a TAC card (depending on the rules you're using)

+/- scenario conditions

+/- other conditions (eg: the BEM's Harvester Beam generates bonus vps)

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