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3rd Edition Fleet Construction

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I don't mind percentage 

My friend will love the opportunity to field as many dindrenzi frigates as possible (background call of "at last !") 

Damn he loves those mini cruisers 

The only thing I am seeing as a real problem is getting points for large units correct as sometimes they are nigh impossible to destroy (like a dindrenzi dreadnought) with smalls or damaged squadrons. OR they can be one shotted with a critical double 1 result. Hmmmm that's going to be hard to balance 



Still excited and generally very happy with what I have seen so far 

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On 8/4/2017 at 7:33 AM, murphy'slawofcombat said:

I also thought that in hard points you only get to pick one as in BB and DN's get 3 picks up it to 2 for heavys and BC's


The number of allowed hard points are defined by ship class, yes.  But it can vary between classes and even races.  

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Can a Rapid Response Squadron field mixed "race" from their "core race"?

eg Relthoza Iramon Light Cruisers and Bakash Kelor Frigates

or does it need to be Relthoza/Relthoza?

also, is a rapid response Squadron small or medium? For percentages of points spent. Or do I count the frigates as small and the light cruisers as Medium

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The pair of races in each core (Aquan/Terquai, Relthoza/Ba'Kash, etc) can form up together in either of the special cruiser squadrons, as long as the classes are consistent to a single race.  Which is to say that you can take 2 Relthoza CL and 2 Ba'Kash FF, but not 1 CL from each, and 1 FF from each.   Same for Reinforced squadrons; the standard cruisers come from the same race, the reinforcing cruiser could be from either of the pair.

The Rapid Response squadron counts as a Medium Squadron for fleet construction purposes.  

Good catch on these questions.

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They sure are, currently medium hull too. 

As stated above a Rapid Response Squadron will be classed Medium. So therefore the new fleets will relate to the Hull size only, not the Teir class. 

So you can't use Light Cruisers/Light Destroyers to fill out the low end of the fleet. That's a shame. 

So the Taskforce Smalls are small and the Mediums are still Medium. Easy enough

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Question 1: will a heavy cruiser be an option for cruiser squadron? Light cruiser squadron? Escort cruiser squadron?

Question 2: if vp is awarded to destroying 1/2 a squadron, won't even numbered ships in a squadron be an oddity?


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still would of liked to see a possible fleet system.

Patrol. May contain the admiral on a tier 2 Line ship squadron; If so gain +1FT. 0-1 tier 1, 1-2 tier 2, and 1-2 tier 3.

Combat Fleet. 1 tier 1 Capitol ship, 2-3 tier 2 Line ships, 0-1 tier 3.

Battle Fleet. 1 Tier 1, 0-2 Tier 1 Capitol or Support; 1 Tier 2 line ship, 0-1 Tier 2 ; 2-3 tier 3.

Dominance Fleet. 2 Tier 1 Command ships, 1 Tier 1, 0-2 Tier 3 escorts.

Ambush. 2-3 Strike Cruisers, 2-3 tier 3.

assault. 2-3 Advance cruisers, 1-2 tier 3.

Support. If admiral is in this fleet regain 1 command point at the start of each turn. 1-2 Tier 1 Support, 1-3 tier 3s.

each tier would break down to 3 groups

Tier 1: Capitol ships: Battle ships and Battle carriers. Command: Dreads and Fleet Carriers. Support: Carriers and Battle Stations and Battle Cruisers.

Tier 2: Line ships, Cruisers and light cruisers. Strike, Gunships and destroyers. Advance, Heavy and assault cruisers.

Tier 3: Escort (defensive or support focused on attaching to or helping other squads) / Screen (long ranged supporting fire) / Engagement (close in combat).

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4 hours ago, Charbe86 said:

I still want to see a level below patrol fleet, say 500 points minimum 1 medium sq 1 small sq.  Something in the intended scale of taskforce but within the FSA rule set.

you could come up with a convoy mission using a 500 pt. medium  & smalls ..............that could be interesting 

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The Pathogen kickstarter document makes it sound like Armada is adopting the Planetfall model of squads in that they only have two possible sizes: attrition and battle-ready.  Is this actually the case?  I hate the limitation with Planetfall, because depending on your force size and build you can be forced to leave out potential reinforcements just because you can't get to the next required size.  Have a few extra points and want an additional infantry guy?  Too bad, you need enough points for 3 (or whatever, depending on your race) or you can't do anything.  It's a poor system that limits build choices for no good reason.

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