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Meant to reply to this over the weekend, forgot-


This is from the 1876 Update released during the KS, pg 13-


"During the Interbellum, the Horn of Africa became a veritable 'mercenary state', partly due to Disraeli's actions.  Formerly Britannian-held, the Britanniam PM, to the surprise of his associates, ceded the region to the Republic of Venice in 1873.
    As well as arousing considerable suspicions among the Imperial Bond leadership that the fracturing of the League may indeed have been encouraged by Britannians, it also created a hive of freelance military action in a key location.
    While publicly governed by the Venetians, sharp-eyed observers noted that the East India Trading Company, a noted Britannian proxy, maintained substantial forces based in the area, and in the neighbouring Somaliland Protectorate, which remained in Britannian hands."

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