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which factions have the best aerial hunters?

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Maybe not a single unit but:

-Sonic generator is excellent  versus stratospheric carriers.

-Can robots use boarding actions versus stratospheric things? Then any flying robots.

-John Henry comes to mind. Good weapons with hunter(air) in addition.

Anything with hunter (air) are good as it will hit on 5 and 6 instead of 6 only. For example the



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8 hours ago, Thamoz said:

They don't need to (and you are right, they can't). 6+ base to hit value from target being stratospheric, plus hunter +2 from the RoE carrier to make it a 4+.

They don't???

Can fighters do the same? Then, any fighters are excelent at this jobb...

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Valley with 24" Target Painter and two 9 AD rocket attacks. The second attack faces no AA., or one attack of 14.

Essentially the same two attack as the PYB-2 with air hunter, that their single attack is 15 AD.

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20 hours ago, Gen. Eric said:

PE has Gewitterwolke, Pflicht, and Jäger with hunter for tesla weps.. Seems like a good spread, no interceptors though.

Also, you can board flyers with them.  I find that is sometimes easier than shooting them down.  You do need to set up and position for it though.

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