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Terrifying on tiny model

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If a model is kille by a terrifying tiny model with no CR...

The Mar is

Coherency MAR: If the number of Hits the Weapon/
Action listed in parenthesis equals or exceeds the
Damage Rating (DR) the target Squadron must
immediately take a Disorder Test. If the Weapon/
Action equals or exceeds the Critical Rating (CR) the
Squadron must immediately take a Disorder Test that
requires an additional success.


Now the question, the squadron, should it take an disorder test as if passed DR or CR? The most sensable thing would be the second, but what is actually written is the first?

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37 minutes ago, jupjupy said:


I think you might have mis-interpreted Grand-Stone's statement. What he really means is: If a terrifying weapon HITS a tiny model which has no CR value, is there just a disorder test or is there a disorder test that needs an additional success?

Rules As Written, it should be the former.

Sorry, you are right.  That first line threw me :')

However tiny models generally only have 2hp?  Maybe 1?

I just see them as the crew know they are expendable so morale is less of an issue so they would only be affected by the DR one.


Or in a complete twist...we need the updated Orbats that have correct stats without any typos?  Then this can be revisited

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I would say that if it doesn't have a CR then as soon as you've passed the DR you've also passed the CR.  With those models the DR and CR are the same...  Although with that interpretation then you would also get a critical hit during normal attacks too, which still works because the damage would remove it from play before the critical has a chance to take effect.  It would only come up if you have a model with a DR but no CR and more than 1 hp, which I don't think exists.

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5 hours ago, Erloas said:

...because the damage would remove it from play before the critical has a chance to take effect...

Not according to the 2.5 rules. Any model with a CR-value that takes a Critical Hit has to roll on the chart, just in case of a Magazine Explosion.

(In previous versions of the rules, any model that started out with 2HP, or less, ignored the chart and was automatically scrapped.)

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