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Fire arcs

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Greetings to all.  I have recently got the rules and downloaded the ship data cards for this Games and have a couple of questions.  I've been playing aquanaut for several years in firestorm armada and have a few questions.  when i look at a the ships firing options there are several that have 360 degree firing arcs.


so obviously I think, cool but what the heck?  Armada the aquans can engage 4 targets at the same time. So the question is, can they fire their beams in all four arcs on the same turn?  So at first I think not but then I look at the points values and compare them to other fleets and see that this is the only thing that makes sense.  For example the directorate battleship can fire port and starboard and has a forward firing weapon.  Same as in armada.  The other battleships retain similar abilities, but the aquan battleship seems to only be able to engage one target in this game.  I would expect the stat lines to be more like the dreadnaught, battlecarier and heavy carrier.  The cruisers are in the same boat,  one shot with the beam weapon.  Compare that to the directorate that has the same but higher numbers (which what it has in armada).

whats the story here?


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