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Alternate Damage/Disorder system

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Ok, after some thought I have a take on damage and disorder that doesn't need a roll on a table. Here goes...oh, any reference to a "Successful Attack" means any attack that would damage the target.


when attacking a target of equal or larger size (T1 Vs T1, T2 Vs T2 etc), each time the DR is exceeded inflicts 1 Dam (2xDR looses 2 Dam , 3xDR=3 Dam etc).

When attacking a smaller target (T1 Vs T2, T2 Vs T3), all damage is doubled (T1 hits T2 with DR 5 for 5 successes for 2 Dam, 10 successes for 4 Dam).


Units loosing models in any given activation will gain a Dis on each surviving model. This is one token for loosing models in an activation, not one per model lost!

This will require Mars and boarding to be adjusted slightly, my suggested changes...


All Objectives Secured- 3 Dam, 1 Dis

Storming action- 2 Dam, 2 Dis

Sweeping assault- 1 Dam, 3 Dis


Beam- If target is at Point Blank, Inflict extra 1 Dis on a successful attack

Bio-hazard- +1 Dis when any Dis is inflicted.

Corrosive- on a successful attack, roll D6- 1-4: +1Dis, 5-6: +1 Dam

Cyber-Weapon: Ignores Shields and Point defense, can only inflict Dis, never Dam, in the same ratios as given above.

High Energy- +1 Dam at Point Blank, +1 Dis at Effective and  Long ranges.

Pack Hunters- As per rulebook, but the target is at -1 DR.

Precision- Fire through Gaseous Anomalies and Debris Fields at full dice.

Mars- Defensive

Behemoth- Value is added to DR for the listed circumstance.

Difficult target- models are attacked using Heavy dice, or Light dice if attacker already using heavy. Nullified by Scatter weapons.



Elite Crew- doesn't gain Dis when successfully attacked in Boarding Actions, Inflicts +1 Dam in a successful Boarding Action.

Secured Bulkheads- -1 Dam (min 1) when successfully attacked in a Boarding action.

Special forces- +1 Dam on a successful Boarding Action.


Ok, so I haven't had time to properly test any of this (especially the Mars!), but it seems to make the game flow faster without having to roll on a table, thus removing imbalance through bad rolls on the Damage table. Things either got deleted in whole or just got a Disorder or two as it is...at least in my experience. YMMV!

Also, T1's can't get nutsacked in one hit like they can in the book!

Please comment, suggest changes and feel free to test!


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Over all it looks really good. It does seem like it would be faster than a damage table.

 I think that Precision and Beam could use a little tweaking though. Maybe give Precision +1 Dmg with the other abilities? I am not sure what would be the best solution for beam though.

If I can get a game I will be happy to test this for you.

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