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The hopes and dreams for a federated states...

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@FSAHoops "listens with pen and paper in hand"

I love threads like this. They really help us get a strong picture of the desires and thoughts of our players. Strong input and passion build the best thematics! The FSA and all the amazing nations of this game have so much that is going to be opened up and expanded upon. The most excitement I have had in delving into this system has been tooling up concepts as to how to better convey these national identities on the battlefield for everyone to enjoy.


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47 minutes ago, Illidar said:

I would like to see the Savannah getting a buff as I see it as inferior to the illustrious

Really? Savannah has more DR, more HP, more AP, much more AA, more IR, More powerful bomb bays (ok, Illustrius has 3 of them, but if you link them, you get more AD with the Savannah), and more AD in the broadsides then the Illustrious with the turrets. The mines of the illustrious are almost useless, because it's too slow. The only point of the Illustrious is that you can pay for shields...


Savannah probably needs a buff, but It's not inferior to the illustrious.


When I read Sky Fortress, I imagine power! When I read the stats, I think: "Oh..."

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The Savannah is a beast! I think it is one of the best Sky Fortresses with the new carrier and stratospheric rules. If the opponent doesn't have a specific counter to stratospheric it is almost invulnerable. You can just hang it inside the enemy formation, dropping bombs (area bombardment is indiscriminate so ignores the to hit penatly from stratospheric) and replenishing/rebuilding SAS. The broadsides are pretty useless this way but who cares.

Now what I hope to see is an Indepence with its own role. Now it is inferior in every way to the Mississippi Mk1/Mk2 while having the same role. It would be nice to see it differentiate from the other battleships. Go more to the boarding/brawling role it already kinda seems to have now. Give it volley gun broadsides, maybe weaker primary guns and better boarding.

About the Lexingtons, we already have seen some hints that they will be changed. Probably to a 4 size squadron. That would be a fine chance already. I would love to see the Sharpshooters back on them :). Moreover I would like to see a Light Cruiser that is not just a weaker version of the Georgetown.

The Avion and A17 could use a speed boost, they are incredibely slow compared to their counterparts.

Freedom Mk2 squadron size increase to 4 or 5, then it might actually be useful to be used in a squadron.

I would like to see a double turret gunship like @Elessarsaid in general discussion, more turrets is always better!



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I'd like to see the Washington either significantly cheaper or buffed to be an effective unit for either close combat (my preference) or indirect fire. As it stands, the two non-linkable main turrets and the price make it the least used shelf queen in the FSA inventory and that includes, as others point out, the older Lexington and Independence models badly in need of additional roles/capabilities as otherwise the Mississippi and Georgetown have rendered them redundant.

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Ok, let's see... 

In terms of overall cost, Enterprise is broadly fine. In comparative terms, however, it overpays for the Shield Generator by probably 50% or more. It would make a lot more sense to build it in and increase base cost a bit. Also, it has a weaker broadside than Mississippi despite the model being a beast.

Several ships cannot have both Shields and Kinetics - Annapolis for instance. If it could, then it would truly rival the other mediums.


Mississippi Mk3 'Linebreaker' :

Large Naval Capital

Aggressive Crew

2" min, Large template, 0", Sq Size:1

Dr 7 cr 10 mv 7 hp 8

Ap8 aa 7 cc 5 ir 5

Two Fore Heavy Bombard Turrets 270°

12/10/8/5 Sustained 2, high angle, (devastating.) ~ Area Bombardment 1, instead of Devastating.

One rear (the same)

P/S Broadsides: 


HVG 8/6/-/-

Shield 3, Kinetic. Note no Rockets.

I think that's gotta be about 225/230pts?


Lexingtons should probably be slightly faster than Gtowns - maybe Sharp Turn or Advanced engines rather than straight up higher MV?

Variable values of Sharpshooters has been covered extensively...

A heavy gunship with Volley Gun turrets, two at the fore, a rear mounted rocket emplacement but no broadside. Turrets like a downsized Miss Mk2 ie 7/6/4/-. Internal Kinetic, 6 AP - a midpoint between Princeton and Annapolis but one that isnt for engaging other mediums/larges like those with P weaponry, designed to engage things like enemy Corvettes (but still Capital, because American solution is more faster firing guns, not more elegance!)

A Heavy Frigate with Torpedoes. Doesnt need to be amazing, but the A17 is currently the only option for them, apart from SAS. 

I'd also love a Specialised Squadron of a Calico and 4 Guilfords (with Pinpoint) to be an official thing. I've been calling it a Riverboat Song, but that's because I was listening to Ocean Colour Scene. I'm sure we could have a better name (North Atlantic Drift?)


Anything else... umm... I think a PYB-2 should have Pinpoint built in... and I'd quite like to see what a Freedom Mk3 would look like. That might be it.

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Devastating was too much.
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52 minutes ago, Illidar said:

How about making the old gen.1 battleships non capital ships

Interesting but they would lose Sharpshooters and Pinpoint Rockets by default, so would need those back for sure. Indy would be far far better with even just an Internal Kinetic (free) Sustained 2 Turrets, 8" move, and an extra AP.

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Hate to triple post, but had 2 more ideas. 


Lexington Mk4 

The same basic idea but with Torpedoes (6/4/2/-) rather than Shield/Rockets/Kinetic. Probably the best option so 60/65pts?


Calico Mk2

(Too soon?)

This replaces the Carrier deck with a complex Sonic Generator array and more AP (6). Keep rockets and broadsides the same, but have a fore volley gun (6/4/-/-) and an internal kinetic (yes, two generators on a medium) and make it Vulnerable to even out how awesome it would be at boarding. It has no shields, or security posts though. Aggressive crew probably, but could be regular I guess.

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Capital V
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Glad to see you listen @Spartan Mike, though nobody doubted you listening in the first place. As a gamer it makes me happy that I have a voice that's listened too rather than just tolerated.

I sudgested making the Indy a non capital ship a while back (thus making shooting small targets easier) and got shot down by other FSA players. I personally think it's a great idea, though I'd drop the points a little too! 2-4 on Lexington is the way forward, my mates RC would **** a brick! These are just two of my peeves, probably my larger ones, aside from loosing RB4 on rockets. Getting RB4 rockets back would be nice, though I got a feeling that's wishful thinking... 

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