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Marden's musketeers docks

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Hi fellow captains,

I just found my old Iron Dwarves battle group and thought it was a good opportunity to do something while waiting for the kickstarter to ship.

Folks here use them as pre-sturginium / pre-dreadnought ships, I'll basically do the same, converting old declassified hull into an (almost) full mercenary support group.



The frigates were cut to only keep the turret part which look perfect for building bunkers, coastal defenses or any kind of fortifications.

The battleship will be converted as a repair/tender platform wich is really useful for mercenary forces as they tend to move from one contract to another often whitout the luxury to stop at friendly ports.

It's funny to see that with their design, the submarines could serve as Invader units. On my case they will be the eyes and ears of my fleet, acting as scouting units giving a strategic advantage and time for it's allies to prepare for battle.




First of all I'm starting with the dwarves cruisers, they will be changed to slow but sturdy monitors, giving fire support and why not, some anti-air fire. With their neutral design they could fit with any fleet with minimals modifications. As monitors they'll have a front heavy turret but since I only have two turrets of multiple factions (two EIMC turrets and two Australians laser turrets) I'll have to do a squad leader with a generator (maybe a shield, maybe a target painter generator to coordinate fire). The multi purpose french broadside (the four small attached turrets) will be separated and mounted just behind the funnel to look kind of like the ww2 british monitors which were equipped with frontal weaponry and a rear ack-ack platform.



Hope you like the idea, more pictures to come.


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Hi all,

here are some pics for you of my support ships finished, I tried some dirt effect with citadel technical "Typhus Corrosion" but as it don't look so bad it didn't went as I expected.

Oh and sorry for the pictures quality, can't find a good set up to get a correct result.

I included a Honshu so you can have a better idea of the ships size.












As a bonus, here is two shots of the Dawn of Souls :






Don't hesitate to leave a comment, any advices, like/dislikes are welcome ;)

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