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Brother Glacius

Ship Identifier?

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Thanks Mike, that is good to know.

@Gen. Eric I did look at the store, and that wasn't a great reference. Spartan's Gallery really needs an update. They have some great models, but not great photo's of them. I would love to see a faction gallery that actually showed off the models and allowed you to find them in an intuitive way.

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Yeah, the Gallery is way behind. Perhaps someone could solicit photos from some of the more artistic forum dwellers?

The new stat cards in the Spartan ORBATS will have images. One could even use them as game stat cards with some work, but they don't make that easy. I will be doing that until the alternative  stat cards are updated. 

A national gallery of units would be useful and a good marketing tool. I currently go to the store and look at individual models for sale.

Some painted examples of the new models would be nice. I know it takes some time but a nice goal.

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On 17/7/2017 at 9:13 PM, Spartan Mike said:

The new ORBATs are being further edited to include pretty boat and ship pictures to make this waaaaaay more user friendly!

and also to fix a lot of glaring issues! ;)


Talking about new orbats... When will we have the Indian Raj New orbat???? :rolleyes:

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