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2.5 - Russians Vs Chinese - 1250 Naval - The Long War

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Todays game was back to Naval for the first outing of my Russians, Vs Chinese, at 1250 points, playing The Long War.

I know the red on the Russians isn't everyone's cup of tea however, I love it and it's exactly how I asked for them to be painted. So, to coin a phrase from a Facebook comment, the Royal Mail, under Admiral Pat, goes to war!

The scenery was setup before we rolled the mission and proved to be quite challenging.

Lists were:



  • Borodino with the Commodore
  • Pakhtusov Mk 1
  • Dudinka with a Fighter Ace
  • Magadan Squadron (Tunguska with Squadron Support and 2 Saransk)
  • Azov (Advanced Deploy)
  • 5x Kazimov
  • 4x Novgorod
  • Commodore abilities gave me 1 extra LAS



  • Jian with Rockets
  • Zahnmadao (no upgrades)
  • Tian Long Dragon
  • 3 Gunships
  • 3 Chui Light Carriers
  • 4 Nu Frigates


This was a semi-teaching game, introducing one of our resident Chinese players to some units she had never used (the Zhanmadao and Tian Long Dragon).

We only managed to play 2 turns in the time available so neither fleet was really at optimum range. The game ended with a minor Chinese victory - they killed a Saransk and Novgorod for the loss of 3 Nu frigates.

By the end of the second turn, the Tunguska was looking very much the worse for wear having drawn almost all of the Chinese long range firepower during both turns, although the mimic'd Jammer certainly extended its' life (the old sonar marker was being used to identify the mimic'd jammers).
The Jian and Chui Carriers had taken the brunt of the Russian fire and were also starting to suffer.

Unfortunately we didn't manage to get the Dragon into boarding range so we never got to see its' full capability although I suspect if we'd played another turn the Tunguska would've been munched by it.

Stand-out unit was the Zhanmadao simply because nothing else really got into effective range. If we'd had time for turn 3, a lot of ships would have died as both fleets would've hit RB1 & 2.

All-in-all a fun game, although the Chinese traffic jam was, I suspect, quite frustrating for my opponent.

I'm really looking forward to the next outing for my Russians.



Edit - Photos have moved:





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