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Most extreme DW models.

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What is the most extreme DW in terms of rules? I'm not talking about the most powerful, or the most powerful per point.  I'm looking for units which have the biggest bonuses and biggest penalties. I'll give you two examples and why.


1. Ghost ship.

Benefit: As long as you stay away from disruption generators, this ship is easily the best defended mediums out there. It's a medium with almost battleship defense stats, and in addition has the wonderful ghost-ship generator. Which *halves* all firepower against it.

Penalty: for a medium it is very expensive, and for it's price the firepower is low.


2. Ice Maiden

Benefit: Unargueably the best defensive ship I've ever seen. dr 10, cr 16, rugged construcion (1) AND 10 redoubtable AA... If you take price into consideration, there might be other ships which is on par with the Ice Maiden in this respect. But still...

Penalty: the least manoeuvrable ship ever. In 3 turns you can use the *LARGE* turning template 3 times.



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Crocodile submarine.

Benefits: hard to target (tiny, submerged). Can board while submerged (most models have low CC values). (Before the rules change, a squad of 8 had a 75% chance of hijacking a target, and bringing its guns onto its former friends).

Penalties: have to purchase other models to supply them. Only DR3 with 1HP

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On 17/07/2017 at 11:39 PM, Merlin said:

Mk2 Skaggerak Gunship.

+1 for this one, the Skaggerak has an absolutely mental dice payload with zero protection.

Or, on the "fun" defensive side of things, the Tartaros, since it is a diving fortification... Try assailing something that is (under the 2.5 rules) deep diving (5+ to hit, with the fortification to hit bonus), 6/11 dr/cr, with a guardian generator 3/2, and immune to torpedoes, the main sub killer weapon.

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31 minutes ago, Grand-Stone said:

I don't see the big point though... Thematically  really fun, but in an actual game, it cannot do anything while submerged. Only reason is to deny the enemy the kill...

I almost agree with you. Despite it can attack submarines in range 1 with the cc (I suppose it has), it's not very useful.

The only point is that you can submerge the fortress if it's very damaged and you want to protect it...

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