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Force Organisation and Deployment

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In the Call to Battle section,Page 85, rule 8 explains dividing models into Strategic and Main forces. However on pages 88 and 89, forces are divided into Advance, Main, Flanking, and Reserve. How are these related? Am I missing something?



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Your Strategic Forces consist of your Advance, Flanking and Reserve Forces. Everything else falls under Main.

"The term Main Force refers to the bulk of the troops arrayed against the enemy. These will include the critical assets in the Force and MUST always contain the Commodore’s Model. This force MUST contain at least 60% of the Maximum Force Value (MFV) available to the Force. The term Strategic Force refers to the creation of strike elements within the Force that are tasked with specifc engagement orders: Advance, Flank, and Reserve."

Page 85, section 8: Emphasis mine.

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