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2.5 - Prussians Vs FSA - 1k Armoured - King of the Hill

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Variation on a theme this week. This time our first ever Armoured Core game - restricted to ONLY Armoured models, we wanted to get a feel for the Armoured power level before opening up aerial options.

The game was 1k - my Prussians Vs FSA playing King of the Hill - the large tower in the centre is the objective. Apologies for the lack of paint, the models were literally straight out of the box!  As we had nothing really appropriate we had to use some of the FoW and KoW scenery.

Forces were the original Battlegroup boxes plus the mobile airfield as all the corresponding units on each side are exactly the same points, totalling 995 each:


  • Seydlitz
  • Sturmpanzer
  • 3x Bombards
  • 2x 3 A6-V
  • 2x 5 Walze


  • Alamo with Rockets
  • Washington
  • 3x Bombards
  • 2x 3 Trenchards
  • 2x 5 Pioneers


The game swung back and forth, with me losing my Sturmpanzer and commodore early in turn 2 to the FSA bombards, and was very close until a squadron of Walze managed to prize the Alamo, and the Seydilitz managed to finish-off the Washington. At that point I'd hit my 70% with no option for the FSA to recover.

The Armoured game is very close ranged and brutal with boarding playing a very large part in our game. Terrain also played a very different role to the Naval version, especially with features like the forests classing as Small size.
The physical miniature sizes are all over the place, large to massive being the most distinctive, although the mediums are really really small.  

Relative DR/CR compared, particularly to the Naval side, is really low and getting used to 3HP mediums is nerve-racking!  To offset, the dice pools are lower in most cases due to awkward arcs, although the linked capability of the A6-V's was surprising.  It was also very easy to overlook how nasty the smalls are since, for the most part, they're tokens - the Walze nearly hit as hard as a squadron of Saxonies, and are as good at boarding.

Unit of the game: the Bombards on both sides. These things are a must take as the range and attack dice pools are massive compared to most other units.

All-in-all I really enjoyed the game, which felt like it could swing any way, at any point.
We also managed to play 4/5 turns for the scenario before I met my 70% victory conditions - the FSA were a couple of hundred VPs behind.


Photos are now here:



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Correction to force lists. Photo hosting change

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