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Gregs Repulique of France

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1 hour ago, Paradomutante said:

how did you painted the decks?

The decks are just a light tan (Coat d-arms Horse Tone Roan) thats washed with Army Painter Strong Tone Ink (aka GW devlan mud).

The flight decks are the same with the added steps (a) when dry brushing the gold trim around the sides, mess up and splotch gold onto the decks  (b) panic and dry brush white in the middle of the deck + stipple black/brown wash around the edges to cover up the mess you made  (c) hope that nobody notices ;) 

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Yeh, it's just a normal flying base. All my fliers + flying bases are magnetised so I added a magnet on the underside of the saw "tray" and was good to go.

I was soooo tempted to do that cool thing Ive seen several folks do - to saw off the individual fighter planes and attach them to wires - but just don't have the time atm.

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4 hours ago, Nicius said:

how did you get the white so clean? Nice contrast with my victorian black french fleet ;)

It is quite the contrast huh! ;)

The white is an air brushed light grey (vallejo, forget the name) gradient up to 50/50 grey/white. Then I pin wash the dark lines with a light body black wash and after Ive painted decks/metallics I edge in pure white.

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