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Terran vs Dindrenzi - 1200 pts

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Me and a friend finally played our first big game.  A border skirmish between Terran/Hawker forces and Dindrenzi/RSN forces.

We didn't have alot of terrian, so there was a plantoid, two asteroid fields and we used the diminesional gate at a debris field.

Turn 1 - Terran initiative.  I decided to keep my Apollo and Regent with its cruiser accompaniment in reserve.  I was hoping the dreadnaught + Aegis would soak up fire until the reserves came in. 


Turn one pretty uneventful, a few long range torpedo hits on one of the Dindrenzi Cruisers, and gunships, my armsmans did minor damage to one of the enemy frigates, at the loss of 1 armsman,  Near the end of turn one I noticed my opponent had no tier 3's, since we're still learning we decided he would replace the battleships accompaniments with frigates and break it into two small squadrons.

Turn 2 - Begins with the Dindrenzi getting initiative.    The enemy makes the Terran dreadnaught a priority, with a withering  assault from the RSN dreadnaught and battleship.  I don't recall how many 6's my opponent rolled but he easily crit'd my titan, then lucky me he rolled 2 on the crit table and did 5 hp to the dreadnaught.  Further attacks from the RSN dreadnaught and Zin battleship did 2 more points to the dreadnought and sweep it's escorts.  I failed to take a turn 2 before and after picture.


Turn 3 - Terran initiative. The Apollo arrive's, with a truncation error, however it ends up moving randomly closer to the rear of the enemy carrier.  The Titan is extremely ineffecitve even with weapons shielding, however the apollo caused heavy damage to the Zindrenzi carrier 4 HP and 2 CP.  


Turn 4 - Terran's get initiative again.  Using perfect timing the Regent shunts in without issue.   The titan avoids death again.  Two of the enemies escorts are picked off allowing a full wing of bombers and the Apollo to kill the enemy carrier.  The carriers/cruisers direct fire and the titan broadsides and turrets kill the remaining gunships.  Torpedo attacks kill off one of the Dindrenzi cruisers.  I rolled very well that turn.  I lost the last armsman in one squadron, and my shield cruisers finally starts to take damage.  



Turn 5 - Terran's once again get initiative.  The Dindrenzi finally kill off  my Dreadnought which is was going to die anyway as I had turned it to close to the planetoid to get one last shot and it was doomed to hit it turn 6 anyway.  The last enemy gunship and cruiser dies, the enemy battleship and dreadnaught avoid damage.  But he finally has them turned around to face me.  



Turn 6 - Terran's get initiative once again.  They focus fire on the enemy battleship doing 5 HP, while the Apollo takes a crit and raging fire.  At that point we're done, The store was closing so 

I didn't tally the battle logs, but it seemed like a very close game.



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