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Second Game of 2.5 - Prussians Vs Blazing Sun, 1k, Maelstrom of Battle

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2nd game of 2.5.  Once again, apologies for the photo size.

1k Prussians Vs Blazing Sun in Maelstrom of Battle.

Again, the scenery is randomly rolled.  We had 3 DW games running hence some of the islands are somewhat unusual.


Prussian List remained the same as last week:

Kaiser Karl with Commodore, Elite Crew and a Watcher

Gustav (Represented by a Rhine)

2x Havel with a single Fighter Ace

Blitz Squadron (1x Pflicht, 3x Jäger)

Adler (Flanking turn 2- would have been Advanced but scenario required flank)

4x Stolz (Advanced Deploy)


The Blazing Sun list was (From memory again):

Kaiju with the commodore (it's worth noting that the commodore rolls stuffed the Blazing Sun.  the 1 on the Command table was switched for national but the 1's on aggressive and defensive had to remain!)


2x Chita (represented by 2 Ikas)


4x Fujin (Flanking turn 2)

4x Interceptors

5x Zarigani


The rolls for pre-game scenario damage/disorder were brutal with the Gustav getting the worst of it, losing 3HP.

First turn was bloodless with the Prussians being out of range (including the Gustav) and the Blazing Sun struggling to hit due to a problematic commodore at RB4.

The game ended due to time after turn 3, with a minor Prussian victory (by less than 100 VPs).

The Gustav got one good shot at the start of turn 2, double critting the Mizuchi at RB3.  This drew the ire of the Kaiju which sank it with a double crit at RB3.

The Stolz had another good game, although struggled for range in the first few turns due to the very defensive Blazing Sun deployment and cautious advance.  When they finally got in range, they sank the Mizuchi with a triple crit and finished off a Chita using CC.  One did die to fire from the Fujin squadron while the remainder fluked surviving a boarding action by the Zarigani (my opponent fluffed the dice rolls badly) at a point where I was expecting to lose them.

The Chita and Zarigani didn't really get much of a look in as they were played too cautiously.  My opponent intends to be far more aggressive with them next time.

SAS fighters were responsible for removing the Blazing Sun Interceptors, the Blitz Squadron Jaegers and causing some minor damage to the Tenkei.  Beyond this there was no real involvement. There were nil carrier actions during the entirety of the game.


All-in-all a very fun game as I haven't played against Blazing Suns in ages.  The scenario starts brutally but makes for an interesting change.


The scenario initial damage rolls were brutal, especially for the Gustav.  The Kaiser Karl spread the damage to the watcher, while the Havel were each damaged.  Every squadron took damage except the Stolz and Adler who were both disordered.


The Blazing Sun faired better with the scenario rolls, with the Kaiju disordered and the Mizuchi, Chitas and Zarigani picking up minor damage.




Photos have moved here:



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