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a burrowing Multi-Purpose Robot can dive?

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Yesterday I played against the CoA fleet (and I defeated him hehe). Mu opponent was using an Arronax, wich is a Burrowing Multi-Purpose Robot from the armoured force.

My opponent told me that as it is a burrowing and multi-purpose robot, it can dive in the ocean. Is it right?

He base his argument in the page 197 of the 2.5 rulebook, where it's said: Multi-Purpose Model ALWAYS treats ALL Major/Minor Surfaces as having a Terrain Quality of Clear.
This Model always refers to its listed Type (or Diving/Burrowing Function if applicable) for the purposes of Terrain interaction

Both of us are not native English speakers (as I suposse you can feel reading me haha), and we interepretate this text in different ways.

Could someone clarify it? Thanks a lot!

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No, the Arronax cannot dive while on water. Burrowing only allows a model to move on the submerged level while occupying a land surface.

The Arronax gaining diving was one of the changes expected in 2.5 (well, expected for years now), as the Arronax is useless without the ability to submerge. Another disappointment in the new ORBATs.

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