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New 2.5 Orbats for RoF

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Hello fellow French Admirals!

Basic look-over for the french Orbats seem pretty similar to the 2.0 with the updated MARS for running with 2.5 rule-set.

What do people think?

I noticed our Air core got a bit of a boost in defense with retardant armor added to a couple units as our biggest change. Probably to make up for the fact that since our air core Corrosive MAR took a pretty bit nerf with the latest update. 

Some minor changes across the Orbat as a whole and units that are lacking and some still a bit overpowered. Again this is all pre game testing so we wont know until we get some games in!

Still sad the Cherbourg has the Vulnerable MARS :( which is still completely out of place in the French Orbat (to me at least).

Thoughts? Points of concern? Anything seem really good?


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I'm a bit confused at the moment: the Tourbillon, which already was one of the best units in the ORBAT and possibly in the game, got boosted with a RA (2) that makes it incredible, for just +10 points.

Erhm... what?

I'm just happy that the Furieux got RA as well (but mainly because I love Furieuxes), and, well... that I own 2 Tourbillons.

If things won't change radically, my gaming group will start hating me. That sky fortress is an absolute monstrosity now. 

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Unless I'm missing something, I'm not 100% sure what the point of the Royan is. The Toulon seems to be faster, just as resilient and has much easier to use firepower. The Royan does have the benefit of being able to flexibly split its fire against lots of mediums I suppose, but that doesn't seem to be a particular problem the French need a 90pt gunship to fix.

Would be interested to hear other people's thoughts.

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50 minutes ago, Whyarecarrots said:

Unless I'm missing something, I'm not 100% sure what the point of the Royan is. The Toulon seems to be faster, just as resilient and has much easier to use firepower. The Royan does have the benefit of being able to flexibly split its fire against lots of mediums I suppose, but that doesn't seem to be a particular problem the French need a 90pt gunship to fix.

Would be interested to hear other people's thoughts.

Hm, at first sight the Royan seems simply worse to me; the squadron has a better firepower at RB3, but in RB2 the 20AD of Heat Lances close the deal for me. Against a squadron of Mediums I'll just keep throwing 10AD of Heat Lances each, and fine tune the crits to cripple them as much as possible.

Plus, the Toulons are easier to use, as you pointed out. Ok, the Royan as 6 AP, but no Advanced Engines (which again tip the balance in favour of the Toulon, able to reach the RB2 sweet spot quicker) and no option for the Stoic Crew.

Frankly, as now I see no reason to take the Royan over the Toulon...

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I think we got screwed for the expansion. the royan is dull as dish water and is just a pile of dice and he corvette was just to give us a model for existing rules.

that sub though, I can almost forgive the other two for that thing. has s mid range torpedo volley, a monstrous set of mines and a huge double mortar. all with corrosive and lethal. we also technically get 2 of them in the box ;)

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8 hours ago, slimeball said:

I think we got screwed for the expansion. the royan is dull as dish water and is just a pile of dice and he corvette was just to give us a model for existing rules.

"A pile of dice" describes just about any Gunship in the entire game - you're surprised?

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I think redoutable on the Royan is nice, gives us a thougher medium which we are sort of lacking. Could be better though compared to the Toulon. it is a bit bland. 

The Marans is downright nasty indeed! And with the new torpedo changes I think the Gascony Mk1 is a dangerous ships. Our airforce seems to have gotten a really big buff with the addition on Redardant armour.

I like the redardant armour (1, torps) in the Epaulard. 

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1 hour ago, draco84oz said:

"A pile of dice" describes just about any Gunship in the entire game - you're surprised?

The problem is it seems to be a less good pile of dice than any other gunship, which are all able to get their huge numbers in front arc without having to get three ships of fore and aft turrets in broadside to make the most of their potential.

The new sub does seem really tasty though :)

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I think I'm glad I didn't add the French expansion box to my Kickstarter. I think I'll wait for the Marans blister to become available and buy that and the Gascony. My Tourbillions are going to get a lot of table time with their new stats though.

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11 minutes ago, Whyarecarrots said:

The problem is it seems to be a less good pile of dice than any other gunship, which are all able to get their huge numbers in front arc without having to get three ships of fore and aft turrets in broadside to make the most of their potential.

So, in other words, no different to the gunships of the Italians and the Covenant (and the Ottomans, depending on how you look at them)?

Look, what I'm trying to say is, don't immediately dismiss a unit just because it doesn't fit in with your current set of tactics. Try to think of how they can be used to improve your fleet, or complement what it can currently do. The french mediums are very much a line-a-breast formation forward damage hurlers, but the gunship offers the opportunity for some broadsides. Those can be used as a flanking unit (run in echelon or line-a-stern formation). Or for when you're wanting to hang back, they can run parallel to the back line showering the enemy as they try to approach.

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I really don't know what to think of the Royan:

as pointed out above, it seems lackluster compared to our other medium options, but it also works in a completely different way, which makes me think that if used properly, it could really find its place in my lists. I guess I'll have a better opinion after some playtesting.

The Marans, on the other hand, seems absolutely awesome :D

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Okay so I will be one to admit that the Tourbillon in this first submitted edition is too much. 

Comparing it to some of our other larges (Magenta, La Rochelle, Gascony, Couronne) as well as across factions (FSA Savannah, KoB Rotors, Prussian Air Ships etc) this thing is a beast. the sole issue is price for me because it has to fill two roles for the french air core being the carrier and air BB so the weapon stats are fine for me (maybe reduce the turrets to 9/8/7/6(increase) or something. The retardant armor (2) also fits the bill with it being a massive model that is still compact and now we have good defense which is a staple of French larges. Speaking of Defense can you see having it stay in Stratospheric? no one would want to even attempt shooting at it.  Broadsides are massive so they should have a large AD spread.... but the price.... 

It can do so much for so a relatively cheap price. It does have a high strategic value at 75 but when building a fleet its hard to not include at 180 points base. Having a spotter 24" as well makes it a great addition to certain fleet builds as well. If it were up to me I would at least put its cost at 210pts if it were at its stat line currently. If the DR/CR are 6/9 with 9 HP maybe have it lower at 200 but only maybe. 

I personally have decent success with it and I love fury Generators so I would pay for the upgrade (especially now that generators can be activated after moving) but I also know if I bring this my opponent will be disappointed.

Im sure there will be some tweaking with the model to balance it a bit more in the future but what are peoples thoughts on this now?

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You all forget that a Tourbillion suffers horribly from double degradation,  triple even uf you count the Carrier capacity. If it takes three hits its reasonably neutered. 

Since it is a flyer it cannot hide and french larges being though as hell it is often a nice target even obscured for all kinds of random fire. 

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@Nicius Yes I do understand the Double degradation it gets but it has a good amount of defense now with its upped Retardant armor. The DR and CR are comparable with the air carriers of other fleets and higher than most airships (except the Tuguska with ablative still on and EotBS airships). Also it does have rockets which do not degrade with damage. The fact that it can fill multiple roles makes it great for its price. If it was just a carrier without the rockets or turrets Its probably worth around 170 but with those weapon systems it fills the added roll of an airship 2 for 1 deal.

Trying to look at this objectively since I have a love of all RoF models (except the Madame Liberte :P ) And when comparing it across different fleets and even other carriers in our own it hits top of the charts for me every time by a good amount over others models. 

But aside from the Tourbillon the rest of our air core feels a bit lackluster even with the added retardant armor to a couple mediums. Corrosive was our big theme for the air force with the latest models and with the nerf to corrosive munitions it makes the Pascals less effective and the Rousseau one of the lower tier, and maybe the worst, Heavy Bomber in the game. 

Thoughts on the Royan:

I like the look of the model, somthing about having a cruiser with two turrets and a broadside just appeals to me.

It has the defensive stats of the Ecuyer with the added Retardant Armor and Redoubtable everything so it can still deal damage when hurt. 

Nullification Generator is boring and expected. was kind of wishing for a more fun option at generator and not the basic one on our other heavier cruisers. 

Movement is standard for our other ships but has no advanced engines which is weird 

Ack Ack and CC are good for a cruiser and the CC is redoubtable as well which is nice

AP is high which is nice especially since it looks like it wants to get close, shoot, then board. but nothing fancy for boarding (No MARS) and personally not a fan of boarding... i like to shoot things

The gun and broadsides are basically a Marseille with an extra turret..... also boring. I like my corrosive! Even if its weaker now :lol:. That being said the damage output of a full squad undamaged or with 1HP lost is impressive! 30/24/17/- so cant go wrong there! especially compared with its cousin the Armored Toulon 20/20/10 though it has special munitions. 

Role is to shot things with lots of guns. Blow up one or two models then board a third.

All in all it is a very good ship for the massive dice rolls its just.... boring beyond that. 

Thoughts on Marans:

Holy cow! Love the aesthetics! its just a sexy model!

Defensive stats are lower than all others in the same class except the Vengeance which has no defensive MARS but does have more HP. Retardant is okay but is very specific (a good one to have for a sub though). 

Another Null Generator with no option to change for a different one which is boring

Man this thing is fast for a Large! (at least for our larges) and is maneuverable as well thanks to sharp turn MAR. Torpedoes will be easy to line up.

Ack Ack is low but expected since it is a sub but the CC.... ho damn it will be very safe against torpedoes and can go on the hunt itself. 

AP is pretty standard for this type of ship across all nations.

Who doesn't love corrosive mortars! They also can link since they arent fixed channel like the ones on our Epaulards (side note those should be changed from fixed channel) so 18 AD of corrosive lethal-ness will be fun couple them with spotter so it can hide behind terrain and its reigning terror within its bubble of destruction. The torpedoes are good. they will be better now with the barrage MAR and has some fancy munitions on them but they will still be tough to crit mediums at that level. more of a damage plinker than anything else. Finally the mines. it can close off a portion of the map with them especially with the 2X 9AD mines. Coupled with its speed, you can get into a fleet while submerged and drop mines to cause some mayhem.

Role is to do some sub hunting as well as it can tackle larges and dreads. Medium squads can be crippled in one furn from this beauty of a model. Overall (pre testing of course) it looks like a middle of the road large sub compared to other nations subs leaning toward the upper half. The introduction of a new MAR to the French Orbat is cool with Lethal Munitions on it and gives it a bit of uniqueness. 

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While maybe the Tourbillion needs a small increase in points I do like tge addition of the retardant armour. This gives it some more defence when will non obscured. 

Still think degridation hurts this ship a lot though and the rockets are not somethink to write home about. 

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Agreed that degradation does hurt the model a lot and the rockets are nothing to write home about. Im going to write up a list of changes I think would bring a bit more balance to the RoF Orbat but I need help/suggestions from others admirals to update it as well. maybe give some ideas to the Spartan crew to help them with ideas for edits. I've only had two games with the 2.5 rules and "updated" stats but plan to play more and hopefully recruit more members to the dystopian wars community.

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Going to focus on Naval first as it is the most prevalent theater of war in game, then air core, then armored, and finally commodore rules and nation wide rules. 

Yes I have done this before because i like dissecting stats and game-play but also if any of these can be helpful to Spartan during there edits to help with balance and use of models that is never a bad thing. Some of the suggestions are based on the look of the model as well (lots of broadsides, armor plating etc.) which will be noted.

Suggestion for changes to unit stats: Naval Units

Charlemagne Dreadnought

  • Up broadsides to 12/10/8/6 (due to design of model)
  • Increase base price from 300 to 305

Compared to our other dread it seems slightly weaker but is on par with other nation dreads in terms of offensive power. it is higher priced than most due to Heat Lances being a great weapon system and excellent defense when purchasing the Cloud Generator. Only slight price increase since corrosive turrets took a hit in the latest rules update.

Vauban Dreadnought/Fleet Carrier

  • Up broadsides to 12/10/8/6 (due to design of model)
  • Increase base price from 300 to 320
  • Add Combat Coordinator MAR (Fearless, 12") option for 10pts

its a Heavy Battleship firepower with Fleet carrier capabilities and Dreadnought like defenses. Needs a price hike but its also an Icon of the French fleet which is why i thought the Combat Coordinator was good for it. 

Saint-Malo Heavy Battleship

  • Fine as is, if surface mines are becoming more prevalent and stronger across nations increase value from 5 to 7

Keeping at this price and not raising like many suggest because the corrosive MAR has been nerfed a bit which balances the model a bit

La Rochelle Heavy Battleship

  • Reduce broadside to 10/8/6/4  (due to design of model)
  • Reduce price from 220 to 215
  • Reduce Heat Lancette to 9/9/6/-
  • Increase Fury Generator range from 12" to 16"
  • Increase GNE Enhancement range from 8" to 12"
  • Increase Cloud Generator price from 15 pts to 20 pts
  • Increase base speed from 6" to 7" 

Yes a lot of suggestions here, mostly minor stuff but the goal is to make it a slightly more viable option over the St-Malo. Yes they fill different roles (medium hunter vs Large/dread hunter) but the Malo can do a little more than the La Rochelle. Give it better generator options (suggested above) and yes make the Cloud Generator a bit more expensive as its one of the best defensive options in the game. Reducing the heat lancette is purely for consistency sake and makes it just a hair more susceptible when taking damage. Finally give it some speed as it does want to get into the fray before. More focused on inter-fleet balance using the St-Malo as a baseline for balance across other nation Heavy BBs (and roles).

Gascony Mk1 Battleship

  • Nothing wrong here.
  • Maybe increase price from 180 to 185

If anything maybe add Redoubtable on the Raised turret since all other ordinance is either not affected by damage or already has it (Volley guns have Redoubtable on it unless I have misread something). Another medium hunter but for all three major height bands so cant go wrong there. I have not had any issues using this model as a medium hunter and always performed well. Compared to the other new modular battleships its pretty good. not the best but not the worst. 

Gascony Mk2 Battleship

  • Drop Vulnerable MAR
  • Increase Price from 180 to 195
  • Drop Experienced Engineers

Im biased here since i still don't think Vulnerable should be anywhere in the French Orbat but it is a new model with new tech... kind of so it fits the model. Changes are purely based on that. I ran two games with it and had two different results. One game it just died and did nothing due to Vulnerable re-roll but the second game it dodged its way to RB2 and did its job and destroyed a Battleship and two cruisers in two turns while taking only 2 damage. 

Magenta Battleship (Mk1 and Mk2)

  • Drop price from 175 to 170

Nothing special about the Magenta. No special munitions or Rules. can do good damage output on one shot or take three separate ones and pray for the torpedoes to hit. Unlike other nations which old BBs are being phased out the Magenta is still unique. 

Couronne Battle Carrier

  • Increase Retardant Armor from (1 P&S) to (2 P&S) (due to design of model)
  • Or Decrease base cost from 165 to 160 and increase Cloud Generator cost from 10 pts to 15 pts

Its Probably one of the better Assault/Battle Carriers in the game when it comes to firepower. Its DR/CR are one of the lowest for sure so you kind of have to add the cloud generator. If no increase to DR/CR then just give it one extra Retardant armor stat. The second bullet would make taking the fury Generator a bit more of a viable option.

Marans Large Submersible 

  • All good! haven't play tested yet so cant comment but already looks well balanced

Cherbourg Battle Cruiser

  • Increase price from 125 to 135
  • Remove Vulnerable MAR
  • Add Fuel Reserves MAR

Again biased but i have stressed this one before because I now never get points back when using this model. Vulnerable was added somewhere during the middle of version 2.0 update and since then it has become a liability. I have tried using it many times since the update but 90% of the time disappoints. It has been mothballed and will stay that. It is fantastic for damage output! can cripple squads when it gets close. It is pretty safe from boarding and decent speed. If it can survive past turn 1 I am lucky as well as avoiding critical hits that render it useless. Adding Fuel Reserves is to replace vulnerable as a negative MAR would fit better (we do play with fire a lot so...) and i wouldn't mind putting Fuel reserves on all Heat Lance equipped models since it makes sense but ill save that for later.

Toulon Armored Cruiser

  • Fine as is

Nothing special in terms of special MARS or unique generators but it has average Armored cruiser defense with good attacking power especially when you can line up the broadsides as well. 

Royan Gunship

  • We shall see.... :ph34r:

Very basic ship.... it shoots things, it can board. If anything maybe give it some extra speed or a different generator but untested so no thoughts yet.

Dieppe Cruiser

  • Torpedo Turret increase from 6/5/4/3 to 7/6/5/4

Torpedoes may have gotten a boost but since we have no special MARS on our torpedoes, in the overall picture, it fell behind a bit. mostly a weapon of opportunity but it really doesn't need anything. Just a basic suggestion but overall the model is good either way. Great ship of the line model. 

Ecuyer Support Cruiser

  • Add attachment Smalls 
  • Reduce AA from 6 to 5
  • Increase CC from 3 to 4 or 5
  • Add a generator option of some sort (Weather Generator would be cool :) )  or a combat coordinator of something)

Price is fine but we already have plenty of good air defense capabilities. Compared to other nation support cruisers its cheap but is just adds a some dice which we as a fleet never had much issue with. Its defense is basic with no MAR or Generator help. Giving it attachment to smalls would be great to help boost an Alma or Lyon squad which are sub par smalls. 

Marseille Light Cruiser 

  • Either drop price from 60 to 55 or
  • Increase AP from 3 to 4
  • Add Spotter (16" or 24") MAR
  • Or just add Hunter (Small, Naval) to it

I was more focused on balance across different factions with these suggestions since it looks like one of the lowest strength Light cruisers compared to other factions (note: the new Russian light cruiser is probably the best light cruiser squadron now). The Pluto is cheaper and can make more attacks than the Marseille with better defense. Riever and Nakatsu can board better and have more weapon systems as well as tougher. even the Lexington has more AP, can be faster, decent guns, and an option to be even better defended for the same price. It needs something for it to at least compete with other light cruisers and doesn't need much. We can get a nice dice pool if properly lined up but they are paper so that hurts it as well

Epaulard Medium Submarine

  • Mortar Weapon Arc from Fixed to 90 or 270 degrees

Price is fine. Nice little bit of added defense. Took a nerf from corrosive MAR change. Give it a little forgiveness on the firing arc. A decent sub.

Chevalier "Heavy" Destroyer

  • Increase AP to 2
  • Make Rocket Turret to a Bombard Rocket turret

Its a fun little Destroyer but definitely not a heavy destroyer. Its good for what it can do and is an average destroyer. The changes give it a little bit different role so it can hide behind a large and indirect fire someone. No longer the best destroyer in the game which I am fine with but its fallen behind in the past few updates. 

Alma Reconnaissance Frigate

  • Decrease cost from 30 to 25 or
  • Spotter Increase from 16" to 24" and directed fire (Concussion Charges)

The Alma is in an odd spot. Before we had very little in terms of indirect fire units and with another new model added to the mix to help. Its sole role is to spot and hide but for 30 points its a bit much. If its spotting range increased to 24 (literally has reconnaissance in its name) and the small concussion charges for going after small subs would define the model a bit more. 

Lyon Frigate

  • Up torpedoes to 6/5/4/3 or
  • Give torpedoes Corrosive Munition

Nothing really needs to change for the Lyon as it will always be one of the weaker frigates in the game which plays into the theme of the RoF not having good smalls. Torpedoes increase to give it a chance to hit something. We dont have faster torpedoes or piercing or anything on them so they aren't anything to write home about. The suggestions would be to make corrosive more of a second theme of the french (it wont crit to give a corrosive token anyways) and upping the torps may make the model look too strong for a small. Forever at a loos on what to do with this good looking small model.

Requin Corvette

  • no changes needed

Though not a personal fan of a boat with no guns, it does its job extremely well which is get close quick and board. Actually a good small we have for cheap.

Bayone Escort

  • increase CC from 2 to 3
  • reduce attachment from 3 to 2 but gain the ability to attach to mediums
  • Increase AP to 2

Three very different suggestions. The first would be to give it more reason to attach to a large and help against since retardant armor changed for most. The same thing goes for the second suggestion but expands its role to protect mediums as well. The third is more for troop reinforcement for larges to resupply after a boarding attempt. Not a fan of the looks of the model and still do not like not having any guns which is 50/50 for escorts so its fine.

Moustique Mini Submarine

  • no changes needed

Its a fun model, more just to be an annoyance than anything but i love it.

Well that is it for the naval model suggestions i would have. Always want to hear what other people think. 

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Suggestion for changes to unit stats: Ariel Units

Tourbillon Sky Fortress

  • Increase cost from 180 to 195
  • Change Turrets to 9/8/7/6
  • Increase AP from 7 to 8

Mixed feeling I have seen on the forums about this model. As noted before it does suffer from Degradation when hit but with the increase of retardant armor and the ability to go stratospheric Its defense is very strong. That being said it does on its way in lose the potential to shoot back when staying in stratospheric and its bomb bays are the weakest of the sky-forts. But it is the defensive capabilities and potential firepower up close that make it great and what i consider the best of the sky-forts. In order to bevy the concerns of a double nerf bat hit (increase price while also reducing stats which rarely works out) the cost increase which is steep but in my eyes helps levy some of it power, the added AP for boarding defense and rework of turret stats will give it better RB 4 firepower at the cost of small reduction in closer RB firepower which has a weird effect. Since trying to get both broadsides to fire at RB4 is impossible the upped attack makes only viable for one 9AD attack. Moving in we reduce the damage output by an average of 1AD but the possibility of lining up both sides of an attack increase. Welp its a tough model to assess.

Rousseau Heavy Bomber

  • separate the fore guns to two 90 degree arc shots at a stat line of 7/6/5/4

The added second shot would be nice to possibly attack two medium targets with the air hunter or combine and have slightly more firepower than the current statline. This is merely to offset the corrosive munitions nerf that happened and yes it will still suffer from double degradation when damaged. Compared to the other heavy bombers though the added retardant armor is nice its still one of the weakest in defense which is fine by me. Most Heavy bombers have two weapon systems besides the bombs and the model does have two fore turrets so it would fit the looks of the model as well. 

Furieux Scout Ship

  • No changes needed

I see nothing wrong with it. It has a few roles it can fill and was also blessed with some retardant armor for a little added defense. I might start using it over the Dieppe :D 

Pascal Bomber

  • No Changes needed

Tough for me to not suggest anything on the bomber but comparing it to the other medium bombers it is real good even for 5 points more and the reduction of corrosive

Voltaire Heavy Interceptor

  • Increase Evasive Maneuvers  from +1 to +2
  • Add Corrosive munitions (Rockets) 
  • or change turn limit from 1" to 0"

Not many units you can compare it to but the two i did primarily compare with (John Henry Robot, Capek) are just better. Adding corrosive is more to fit the air fleet theme of using corrosive weaponry but just increasing the evasive maneuvers by one makes it more survivable. the turn limit would make it feel more like an interceptor being more agile than a bomber but of course not as agile and easy to use as the 360 degree move template of the John Henry or Capek.

Frelon Small Bomber

  • Add Surface to the Hunter
  • Give bombs Lethal?

I have never had a full squad make it in for a bombing run so its potential hasn't been fully tested but you cannot hide it just like other flying smalls. Bomb bay size is fine but hunter submerged is.... weird. Brain fart but do bombs go to half AD attacking a submerged model? either way it had this niche role that never came into fruition. Either option above helps a bit and would basically step it up to the level of the other small/strike bombers. 


  • No change needed

Our SAS are meh when it comes to Big Fuel tanks so its tougher to be shot at by non SAS but doesn't help with them attacking or being intercepted by other SAS.


Thats it for the Ariel unit. really cant to too much But it would be nice to see another Flying Large and Small Model. 


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So Armored is the theater of war i least play and the suggestions here would be probably the most extreme. I am more focused on balance across factions and not inter faction.

Suggestion for changes to unit stats: Armored Units

Masaulle Mobile Airfield

  • Increase Rockets to 9/9/9/-
  • Add corrosive munitions to rockets. 

Its a good model, don't shoot for anything that has higher than a CR8 really but good. the upgrade for the SAS is average but compared to other mobile airfields it is good.

Bastille N-5 Landship

  • Give turrets the corrosive MAR or
  • Reduce price from 165 to 155

More focused on balance between the Danton on this one.They are very similar to each other but you pay a higher price for the Bastille for an extra turret. But everything else swings in the favor of the Danton. the Danton has a slightly better Heat Lance, Integrated Cloud Generator, Faster move by 1", 1 more AP, all Elite AP, and a Fury Generator with a 16" range. 175 pts (adding the Cloud Gen option 155 pts, only gain a turret which if you want to link with the other there is a chance the Heat Lance falls out of arc for a shot as well as some of the other minuses stated above. The only consolation is the Danton has an added 25-SV to it. Adding corrosive gives it a chance to use dice numbers needed to crit and therefore apply a corrosive token. 

Danton Landship 

  • Increase price from 155 to 160

If you haven't played a land game with one try it. It it our simplest weapon system to line up all three shots which other nations land-ships have trouble with. Once it gets close it can take on larges too with the Heat Lance. It is a beast! Be careful though when getting close with the EotBS larges as they can go toe to toe boarding-wise. Comparable DR/CR with other nations as well as HP. We are faster than all the other nations landships and finally as always our defense is superb with RA(2) and a Cloud Gen. It needs a price increase at least.

N3 Liege Landship

  • No changes needed

Don't let the stats at first glance fool you. Its defense is less than the Danton and no corrosive on the bombard, and the turrets are Primary not secondary. All of there make is see like you should never take it over the Danton or Bastille but do not be fooled, it has a roll. Hide it behind some cover and let it indirect fire on everything. Its redoubtable so dont worry about taking some damage while in low speed maneuvers to use the ground clamps. That's basically 11AD coming at you with no return shots possible return fire from a land model. My rule knowledge is rusty but if you can link the turrets with the bombard watch out! 16AD from RB3 in a land game would be crazy! I have never done this as i dont know if you can link the turrets with a bombard. With that is can fight with the other landships in its weight class.

Alsace Support Landship

  • Reduce Mk1 option to 100pts
  • Reduce Mk2 option to 110pts 

Though the Mortar took a hit with the update (a reoccurring theme) it is still good as its not meant to tackle tough opponents by itself. The Mk1 is decent since it does come with the extra line infantry activation but I feel all the support land ship options across nations need a slight boost.

L'Aman Heavy Tank

  • Increase Cr from 6 to 7
  • Reduce Heat Lance stat line to 10/10/5

DR/CR wise it is weaker than all the other heavy tank and though it does have retardant armor its not much added defense but its fine being a bit squishy. It may only have one weapon system but its the best one you can get. The slight reduction is just because the actual drop on heat-lances look small. It will make it feel more like a Toulon of the land game which is not bad :). Finally, it is the cheapest Heavy Tank available so you really cant say too much bad about its stats being weaker than others as well as you can put 3 in a squad while most can only max out at 2 models per squad. Its a damage dealer which is its sole role.

Marteau Bombard

  • No changes needed

Before 2.5 Came out i never left home without it. With the way corrosive used to work a price increase to 70 or 75 may have been needed. But now that Corrosive MAR works differently it falls in line with the rest of the bombards. It is still in the upper half of the bombard class but not nearly as dominant as before. Ive played one game so far for land in 2.5 and It still does damage, its corrosive did nothing the whole game but the bombard is still potent.

Grele Flak Tank

  • Sustained Fire (Volley Gun Battery, 1)

Not a big change but it needs to get close to do damage. Yet another Anti Air model which fills the role well. Giving it sustained just add a little something special to it to make up for its reduced attack range. 

Arbalete Support Tank

  • No changes needed

Its a decent tank which can add more air support which is never a bad thing and can help with boarding if need be with the 4AP on it.

Foucault R-6 Medium Tank

  • Add some MAR to it

For what the model does which is shoot, it is good at compare to most other medium tanks. It has the best RB3 attack of them all but after that most all of the other Medium tanks outclass it. Many of the other medium tanks have a second weapon system which is nice for trying to take on multiple targets. The speed and CR DR is average across the board and we have no special munitions or MARS like some other nation tanks have. Very basic. Its not the worst medium tank. At least it has decent firing arcs (CoA tank it tough to line up all its weapons). 

R-4 Medium Mortar Tank

  • Add Corrosive MAR to the mortar

It really doesn't need anything just like the Foucault but adding corrosive would fit the theme as all other french mortars have this ability. The stat line is slightly less but can benefit from hiding and using indirect fire.

Reims Light Tank

  • No Changes needed

It may not have the range of other Light tanks but it can attach to another unit which can give extra boosts to a squad for anti air capabilities. Like most other light tanks it was given Spotter (16") which helps a lot for our land game. It has some extra DR too which never hurts.

Hotch FT-12 Small Tank

  • No Changes Needed

Not the best, not the worst. Its a basic Small Tank.

I dont see a lot of Armored games but they are fun and quicker to play which is cool. Comparing Armored units to Naval units is unfair as IMO the navy has the upper hand. I would like to try a game using both Armored and Naval and see how well it works. We have a decent Armored core with probably one of the best larges in the Danton.









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