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2.5 Orbats Notes

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Thought it was a good idea to gather all typos, errors, suggestions and anything else for the 2.5 ORBATS in one place.

To start it off:

  • The value of the Sharpshooters MAR is not specified for FSA units (hopefully large units get multiple!).
  • The RC Krichev has carrier (0, 1x3 Fighters), while the FSA B-72 has Squadron Support (1x4 Fighters).
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  • Saransk Medium Skyship has the Spotter (Regular) MAR that does not exists. Typo???
  • Myshkin Bomber had Spotter (Expert) now has Spotter (16") when, according to similar conversions of 2.0 rules to the new 2.5 spotting distances, it might have Spotter (24"). Also, considering now in 2.5 all Medium Size Aerial Models or above  are capable to enter to the Stratospheric Level, it seems a little overpriced.
  • The Suyetka Small Interceptor was Stratospheric and now it can't enter to this Height Level; but remains the same cost, making it overpriced compared with 2.0 version.


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Morning everyone,

Thanks for the spots here. As noted we have a timetable in place to make corrections and rules updates to the ORBATs and we will be keeping a keen eye on your comments and feedback.

The timetable is in place to avoid making repeated amendments to ORBATs that could cause confusion to gamers and also multiplies the time such changes will take behind the scenes. So they will remain in place as they are for a time to let all issues 'rise to the top' before the update.

An exception to this is where an error is present that does have a very material impact on the gameplay of a unit, for example the Dynasty!
I can confirm that the correct AP rating for the Dynasty is 9.
the 6 would appear to be a slip of the keyboard at some stage of the process. the KOB ORBAT will be updated to reflect this shortly, probably tomorrow as our documents & downloads guy is not in the office today.


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Dear Spartan!

Why do you hate ground tanks? After changing templates you have left turn restrictions as templates 45 degrees.

Two years you can't fix this mistake?

I gave you money on kickstarter, but you seem lazy or you are not interested :(


And especially cynically looks at the Russian tank Orlov:

Turning Template: 360-Degrees
Turn Limit: 1”


P.S. Our local community is just in shock from the fact that you moved all the old mistakes in the new ORBAT

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@Dr. Sky No hate at all sir. I quite enjoy land based games myself! Sadly, as mentioned in the KS sub-topic, many of the issues with these new ORBATS stem from unfortunate and entirely accidental transcribing errors. Trust me, me and Josh are well aware of them and we are working to rectify the issues with all due haste!

Additionally, the full scope of the balance and improvements made to numerous vessels in the game have not yet been made manifest. There will be an incredible rolling update to these ORBATS, which will include a review and effectiveness consideration made to everything! This process will be exciting, something that will evolve as the full scope of the 2.5 rules get digested by our fans and community.

Apologies for the shock and confusion these errors have caused you gents. We are on it, and in your efforts in noting them, we will get them rectified.

Thanks guys!


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