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Ablative Armor and repair

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I presume that when the Russians attempt a friendly boarding repair they use the assigned DR/CR, not the DR/CR + the ablative armor MAR.

Just as French repair attempts if they ever get any, would have the retardant Armor apply.

So Correct?

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Was Ablative Armor ever ignored in 2.0, under any circumstance? Collision, etc.. It is a MAR. I am interested in how it was concluded that it was included.

It is easier to repair a ship that has more than half HP?  The mechanism for boarding does't seem like it should care about this. What's the interaction?

Was this in a FAQ or an interpretation from Spartan? This seems to be an accidental intersection of rules- again an exception that was not noted either way.

I suspect some interpret it one way and others as you do.


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