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My tournament list "Dindrylians"

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Here are the ships I brought




Xiphos Carrier with +1 Mv, Shield and extra wings. It had 6 fighter wings and 2 shuttles

accompainment: 2 Warwolves



3 Destroyers (Kestros) with stealth systems

3 Katar assault cruisers without planetfall, and second assault



5 Reaper with pack hunters

5 Scythe

4 Plumbata



Total 1000 points




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Those look great!


Carrier + gunships is an awful mean combo with the lizards, solid choice there, but I gotta say, I've never had a game with the destroyers where they made me happy.   I'd be tempted to drop the assault cruisers and the destroyers, buff the T3 choices and pick up a cruiser squad instead.  Or grab yet more gunships...

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The fleet managed to get a draw in two games and lose one game to aquans (was my first game against aquans and they have everything in favor to blast my fleet apart with mines)

This fleet struggles against Relthoza and has little scatter broadside, so aquans hiding on gas clouds are extremely hard to hit and they mine you from there, damaging whole squadrons in one move. The scenario against aquans wasscalating engagement, so my tier 1 took its time in getting into combat (I should have taken Gnash kragg) and did little in that battle.

However I have been told the carrier+gunships combo is a strong one and difficult to drop its combat efficiency. Thanks to the destroyers is easy to drop the PD from a big ship then follow up with a torpedo salvo from the Tier 1. It killed ba'kash quickly (with the weapons retracted!) and survided two turns of retholzan dreadnought onslaught. The fighters also made a ship to explode damaging nearby enemy cruisers (I choose them because the range the combo ships are supposed to operate).


So that was my impression. I made this fleet because I was expecting a limited time between combats so I wanted fast kills early on, but the game had more time per match than expected and I found things go out of control when the enemy is closing to the fleet.  The katar are good as damage sponges, very hard for their points. I also used thermal controls with them but did not capture ships as expected (maybe I had bad rolls, cant remember)

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