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Terran's and Allies

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Starting my fleet

Hawker Industries Patrol Fleet and Carrier



(primed gray, air brushed base coat khaki, dry brushed off white, umber wash)


Terran Patrol Fleet


(primed gray, air brush base heavy ochre, dry brushed, ivanden darksun, jokaero orange for Trim, delvan mud wash)

Everything on hand (not in the mail :) ) painted.  Planning on adding some more cruisers, battle cruiser squadron.










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they have been washed with a dark brown (umber).  They are also matte finished. 

The paint's are pretty heavy pigment (older citadel foundations) on the terran ships, and the initial wash just didn't have a huge effect.  I have thought of doing another wash on them.  


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3 minutes ago, WestAustralian said:

Very nice, it has added more shadow. 

The Orange is still quite striking

Nicely done

Thanks.  I find the opaque paints a little hard to work with, not sure I will go that route again, but for my first fleet I am happy with the outcome.

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So I started fiddling with my airbrush and went with this color scheme very close to whats on the Veydreth gunship box.  I Not sure what color I want the engines (or nacelles or whatever you call them :) ), was thinking of blending them back to dark green.  I was also thinking of the opposite extreme some brighter contrast like khaki or even more extreme.  




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