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Eli Driver

Combined weapon fire question and a few others

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Playing our first large game of PF today had a unit of 2 Kratos/Dindrenzi combine fire with their rail guns LR so the Skorpio for 5 dice and Onager for 6 , both tanks = 22 dice. Was that correct since they are both type rail gun? Or wrong since the one says RAIL GUN"S" and the other says RAIL GUN and it should have been two shots one at 10 and one at 12 dice?  And at the other end of the table it was Directorite Vs Relthoza does Cloak work vs cyber attack?   And lastly when does a debilitating effect marker from corrosive weapons take effect?  Our physical rule books say after the units next activation, but the cheat sheet I have does not have that stipulation nor does the digital rule book (page 124).  But looking through the FAQ they reference it with that line about next activation so I'm a bit confused.

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If you have one of the rulebooks from the first printing, there are quite a few errors in it. The PDF copy is much better. 

Cloaking does work against cyber attacks. Maybe a side effect of cloaking is that their emissions are better shielded and it's harder to find a communication frequency to hack into or something? 

Debilitating Effect markers are applied once all the damage from that squad's firing has been resolved (Rulebook, page 107, Firing Consolidation). So you can't both soften up a target and benefit from its softening with the same unit, but any units firing later in that turn will get the benefit. It lasts throughout the game turn, or longer if your opponent is considerate enough to fail the repair roll! 

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