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Rise of the Teutonic Order

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I've decided I'd start painting, Finish painting or repaint my Teutonic Order models.


First up is my attempt to make Metzger look cooler in the water than the current waterlined model Spartan has made.



Next is a Titan Troop Transport painted up to be a dedicated Teutonic Order Troop Transport Ship.



Next up will be a "Command" Metzger model im working on, then the Hochmeister Dreadbot (yes I still despise its place in the game and never likely to use it, but I like the model in any case) then I will be moving onto the Schildtrager Robots and Fausts at some point.

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Here is a concept I'm going to draw up in Sketchup and 3d print.


The design is essentially a mini Eider with the Teutonic Order bridge section from the Kickstarter banner. Thinking I'll call it the Soldat Class Light Cruiser.

Can anyone guess what model it is supposed to be a count as for? 

I'll give you a hint. Every faction has access to it.

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Did a bit more work on it to add a bit more detail to it. However I got ahead of myself and sent it into Shapeways to get printed before getting any details like rivets to it. But after seeing it in their rendering system made me forget about such nitty gritty.

So within a couple of weeks I should have them to paint. 

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Ok, the Cruiser made it through the Checks at Shapeways, so within the week I should have 4 of them to start painting and using.


In the mean time I've been working on this little guy

This is my Count-as Oil Rig. Essentially, it is supposed to be an Off-Shore Coastal Defense Robot Fortification.

Still some work left to go on it. But what do you guys think?



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Thanks. Really wanted to show these guys off on the forum, so I quickly painted them up the day I got them. Can't say i really had a paint scheme in mind, but i knew the primary colour had to be black to fit in with the Metzger I previously painted.

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Ok guys, been a while since I updated this. Not done an awful lot of work on my Teutronics as I've been patiently waiting for my North Star orders.


But in the mean time I've been working on this little nugget for my normal Prussian Fleet


Say hello to my Dragoner (Dragoon) Class Light Cruiser (Another Hermes Merchantman Count-as model, but this time a Torpedo version)





What do you guys think?






Just got this finished too. Haven't a name for it yet, so I'd take suggestions if anybody has it. It'll be my Count As Apollo model



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Here are some of the other models I finished painting up. Been meaning to upload these for a while, but never got around to it.


Hochmeister Dreadbot:




Ice Maiden:




And a picture of all of the robots together with the Ice Maiden. Not a great picture with them on top of a red box lid, but it is what it is:


The Metzger with the Banner is the "Command" Metzger I mentioned in the first post.





Here is the completed Apollo Count-as model. Both this, and the Cruiser model are away at the printers now, so Should get them within the week.



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