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Freiherr von Schlitz

Galerie des Freiherrn

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Guten Tag,

Welcome to the gallery of my finished miniatures.
Yesterday I finished the large Vessels of my KoB Naval Battle Group.



At the same time I am looking for a Camo Theme for my Prussian Empire Ships.




I am quite sure that I will go with the three color grey theme, but your comments on that are welcome ;)

The KoB small vessels are on my painting table at the moment and I hope to finish the entire Naval Battle Group this week.

That's it so far. I hope you guys enjoy the models!

Freiherr von Schlitz

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Very nice and clean! I usually don't like the British ships very much because they appear to be pretty broad but your scheme actually makes them look slimmer. Did you use an airbrush for the blue gradient? As for the Prussians, I like both schemes but would also prefer the purely grey one.

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Thanks for all the comments :D

On 23.5.2017 at 10:35 PM, Botticelli said:

Did you use an airbrush for the blue gradient?

It is all pure brush work.

On 24.5.2017 at 0:46 AM, Lord Nobody said:

Are your Brit turrets two different colors to show the different turrets?

No I just made it for the fun of it

Here are the latest Models. All the smalls from the Naval Battle Group. I guess the Attackers will stay in the box for some time :( I discovered Valiant Attack Submarines and the joy of boarding things.

Also my new favourite vessel - the Vengeance

I guess ramming and tearing other ships to pieces with a giant chainsaw (**** YEAH) will lead to some damage so I painted some chipping on the front parts of the ship. It was fun to paint that ship. Good that I have a second one :D

I hope you like my latest work. Valiant Attack Submarines and Domnions are on the way at the moment.

Freiherr von Schlitz

PS: The water was made with an airbrush.

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The Wolf Pack is finished - Dominions and Valiant Attack Subs (I really like those little vessels). I also finished the tiny Flyers. They've got some...



And here is the full fleet so far.



I've got another wolf pack but I guess I'll wait till I get my hands on some Vanguards. It is time for my Prussians now!

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