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Flashpoint Campaign rules questions

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Hello Spartan Games,


I'm posting this thread here hoping for some official answers when somebody has the time to do so.


p. 218, Initial Battle Group Deployment and p. 219, The Game Turn: When placing/activating their Battle Groups, so players do so one Group at a time (alternating activations) or all of their sides' Groups at once (IGO-UGO)? The wording is unclear about what an "individual go" entails.


p. 230, Spending Resource Points: The wording for both Battle Group Replenishment and Logistics Points state "any battle group that exists". Does this mean that if I create a new battle group in this phase, it cannot be given Logistics Points at creation? It must use supply lines until the same phase in the next Campaign Week? On the same page, Dreadnought Construction mentions adding a Dreadnought to a battle group but does not specify "existing"; can I build a new battle group containing a Dreadnought if I have the resources/Sturginium to do so?


p. 226, Scorched Earth Table: The table has an entry stating that "if the Tile marker's Fortifications drop to zero, remove the marker". On p. 231 under Scorched Earth Recovery, it describes how to restore a scorched earth Tile to its former state. Should the Tile Marker actually be removed or should a token/counter be placed on it to denote "scorched earth" status? With no existing campaign maps to check, I don't know if map tiles have their upgrades printed on them (showing what was there) or if Undeveloped tiles can be upgraded into other types (rebuilding what was there).

On a related note, if a Bombardment attack reduces the Fortification on a tile to zero, is it removed/repaired in the same fashion as a Scorched Earth attack?


p. 218: Supply Routes: For tracing lines of supply, can a player conquer empty ocean tiles as Undeveloped tiles? If not, do the hexes touched by a supply route count as that player's Area of Influence? This is to clarify where a Naval battle group can go during things like Retreats and whether opponents can capture such tiles on a supply route (commerce raiding). On p. 220 under Supply Entry Points, it also mentions tracing supply lines through hexes a player controls, which would be relevant if such a supply point was on the ocean.


Thank you for any help you can give!


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