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Requisition (XYZ)

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A little mindgame with Requisition (XYZ)
I have 3 Directorate Ships:
TIER 1 - OVERSEER CLASS - Carrier - Squadron 1 - Requisition (Cruiser)
TIER 2 - ASCENDENCY CLASS - Escort Carrier - Squadron 2-3 -Requisiton (Cruiser)
TIER 2 - ABRAXAS CLASS - Cruiser - Squadron Size 2-3
Ok. I can take one OVERSEER and put it with 2 ABRAXAS together.
Or I can take one ASCENDENCY and put it with 2 ABRAXAS together.
Can I take one OVERSEER and one ASCENDENCY with 1 ABRAXAS together?
Can I take one OVERSEER and two ASCENDENCY together?
Can I take three OVERSEER?
Another Question:
I have one OVERSEER (Tier 1) and two ABRAXAS (Tier 2).
What are my Victory Points for destroying this Squadron? 5 for TIER 1 or 3 for TIER 2. Or maybe 8 for Tier 1 + 2?
When I can take three OVERSEER together for REQUISITION (CRUISER). Are they now TIER 2?
Another Question:
When I take the ASCENDENCY CLASS and want to use the Requisition Rule.
Do I have to take 2 ASCENDENCY CLASS because their Squadronsize is minimum 2?

Dont take it too serious. Its just a little mindgame. How would you interprete these rules?

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The text for the Requisition (Ship Type) MAR says this model may replace a single model of the Ship Type listed in the brackets of a parent squadron. 

Rules as written, you definitely can't replace multiple cruisers with multiple overseers. I'm quite sure, however, that Rules as Intended also prohibit the other configurations where you have replaced more than one Abraxas, but the rules are written loosely enough that you could make an argument. (But I wouldn't play against a fleet where you did.)

Either way, a Cruiser Squadron requisitioning an Overseer is still a cruiser squadron, so it doesn't count as  Tier 1 for the purposes of Victory Points or Fleet Building.


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From the book:

17) Attachment (Designation)

This model may attach itself to another Squadron of the Designation noted in the brackets.The additional cost of the Attachment should be added to the Squadron’s own Points Cost and the Squadron’s Tier Kills value is increased by +1 per attached model. 

This does not make much sense to me for models that are a higher tier. T2 Cruisers should attach to the T1 Carrier not the other way around. Essentially I can buy a T1 unit, pay some extra points for more firepower and then push it down into a T2 slot

It does not matter as much with T2 Escort Carrier being attached to T2 Cruisers. It's all T2

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