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Strategic Blunders (a Flashpoint Campaign thread)

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As the most (and possibly only) enthusiastic player/referee of campaigns in my local meta, I wanted to discuss the new Flashpoint rules from the v2.5 rule book and hear what people thought about them.


Firstly, would anyone else enjoy a campaign game as described in the rules? I've always liked the different aspects of campaigns and accounting for things such as logistics, fatigue, transport and so on. Do people think these rules will be used very much or be left as a curiosity? Before anyone asks, yes, I plan to run at least one campaign with these rules (most likely when my Kickstarter package arrives with the Ice Maiden book in it). Mind you, this assumes I can drum up some interest for it.  ;)


On first impressions, the rules look good. The campaigns are map-based (with Spartan implying they will have some sort of PDF download maps for various campaign products) and have abstracted force-building; since Battle Groups only track their MFV size (not their composition) and can be resupplied each campaign turn, you can justify changing the exact force list you deploy with that Battle Group each time you play. This should keep things fresh on the tabletop. Each core type (Naval, Armored and Aerial) gets advantages in certain situations, which should encourage variety in fleet builds. And there are rules for espionage and dirty tricks, which should excite most of the players I know. :D


Overall, I like what I see and look forward to testing these rules out (either in a homebrew or with the Ice Maiden campaign). What do other people think?

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As a map based campaigns fan, I can't wait to recieve my Kickstarter package to start one.

Fortunately, in my regular players group at least six or seven people will have no problem to get into the experience.

We tried some in the 2.0 times and worked fine.

I think with the new 2.5 rules could be even more funny.

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As I have not seen the new rules I can not tell if I would use them. From your description they sound detailed and will require a good part of your time.

The big question is your players. Will they mind the record keeping? Have they in the past stuck to it? Do you want the campaign to last a set amount of time? All ?'s you should think about before you start.

Campaigns are more enjoyable then one of games. It sounds like your play group should enjoy it.

Please post in the battles section if you do decide to run it. I would love to hair how it goes!

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We shall see if I can drum up any interest once the pledges ship (and I have an obvious starting point to show people).  :)


One good thing the rules explicitly mention is to set limits on how many turns the campaign should run, to encourage them to finish and not peter out into oblivion. They also state that for official Flashpoint campaigns there will be listed forces and resources on the map to start with, so the campaigns may not be very fair to one side, yet thematically accurate. There is quite a bit of language about the "narrative" behind a campaign and that following the situation/results matters more than "winning or losing". I suspect this ties into another point mentioned - that printed Flashpoint campaigns would have "briefing documents" for each player to outline their goals and win conditions for the campaign...which are not shown to the opposing player. Thus, you should be able to use bluffs, feints and diversions when deploying your forces and capturing things to keep your opponent guessing about what you're trying to do.


One thing I plan to ask about is that the rules-as-read imply you have the campaign map lying on a table with markers (resin or print-out) showing tile ownership, battle group movements, etc. There is also an abstracted battle resolution system for handing fights your group doesn't want to play out. It feels as if the whole thing can be/is meant to be run as a huge board game with the occasional foray into a table-top battle...or you can spend 1-2 hours doing the campaign stuff and another 2-4 hours playing out the one major battle everyone wants to see in action.


I'll post in the Rules sub-forum about rules questions, and in the Battle Reports sub-forum if I get a campaign going.

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Sounds good!

Battles of more than 2 or 3 to one should not be played unless the results are a campaign changer. In the campaigns I have played most early turns did not have a battle. Yet some latter had 2 to 4 that needed to be resolved. Those that do not have battles may get bored. Perfect time for a pirate attack or some other game to keep them involved.

Feel free to change some of the rules. But make sure it is far to all.

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2 hours ago, Maccabeus said:

I'm hoping the maps and markers will be easy to translate into an electronic format for ease of dissemination between players (most Clubs don't tend to have anywhere they can keep the map setup over long periods) and for reporting the campaign via Social Media/Forums.

This also would allow hidden movement. Assuming someone is willing to do the extra work.

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