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The secret of Covenant Drones.

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  Aboard the Covenant Pericles Assault Carrier "Covalent" a newly promoted captain is being given a tour of his new ship. Captain Thatcherson had just immigrated to the CoA 6 months before during the recent ceasefire. The inspection party had just reached the drone prep area.  The area consists of two separate rooms, a control room and an arming room with a series of drones on rails awaiting guidance units and warheads. A glittering portal is set against one wall with a large bucket of fish.

  "And here sir we have the drone prep prep area." the youthful Lieutenant was saying. "The drones are transported down the rails from storage to here.  The warhead and guidance package are loaded, than the drones are moved to the launchers." 

  "Where are the guidance systems and warheads stored?" asked the Captain.

  "We're not really sure where they are.  Some time ago one of our temporal technicians accidentally opened a portal to... somewhere." As the Lieutenant was speaking the portal shimmered and out popped a vaguely penguin like creature. "When it opened one of those popped out.  The Speak reasonably good English" He continued as the creature stumped over to the bucket of fish on peg legs. "The creatures are also very unstable in this universe.  Turns out a good jar sends them back to their home universe, and it apparently tingles when it happens to them but doesn't actually hurt them.  Of course the energies release on our side of the equation is quite spectacular.  The also like fish."  The creature happily munching on fish hops into the waiting drone body, which than closed with a snap and trundles on it's way to the launcher.

  "So," said the Captain "let me see if I got this straight.  The tech weenie opened a portal to another dimension that has the penguin like creatures that will kamikaze our enemies and then blow up to go home in exchange for fish?" In the background a Woomph is hear, followed was sounds suspiciously like "Doooooooooooood" 

  "Yes sir. Being avian based creatures makes them natural pilots, and since the worst that can happen to them is they blowup and go home, they are pretty fearless.  So the deal is they get a fun ride, a tasty snack and steady work. We get a reliable guidance system and warhead in one package for the price of some fish."

 The Captain shakes his head and said "That's diabolically cleaver.  What are they called?"



Author's note.  This is my head cannon, and I am sticking to it! 

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Ahh, I like to think of the CoA scientists as a mix of modern scientist and the old school ones that liked to combined things for the childish delight of seeing what weird reactions they can get. I also like to think alcohol and a hold my beer and watch this attitude is their primary fuel source for invention :D

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I would think that living in Antarctica their preferred beverage would be Fortified Egg Nogg (unless the Brits don't mind boiling lager), although, given some of their achievements, I wouldn't be surprised if each laboratory team is unofficially graded based on the quality of their team's still. 

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