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Planetfall 2.0 beta test - 3000 pts

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Had a game last week to test beta V2 rules.

Directorate (3000)
- Core with Desolator x 2 / Retaliator x 3 / Anarchist x 5 / Patriot cadre + transport
- full Aerial ground attack helix
- Assault Helix with assault robots and Trojan
- 15 command points (5 pts each)

Sorylian (3000)
- single Core helix
- Recon helix
- Heavy helix
- 22 command points (5 pts each)

We played 3 full turns then Sorylian concedes (only infantry on the board).

What we liked :
- command points for all the options but placed shot
- line of sight
- existing units rebalance
- objectives control more important than kills
- MAR no longer active with the range band (hover vehicle)

what we didn't like :
- there's a lot of situation that beta rules don't cover (mainly CQB and the term 'main ordnance' in the MAR description)
- we don't know the limitations for the use of command points (are morale and repair option once per phase or once per unit ? may I use multiple faction specific options during the same pre-turn phase ?)
- 4 range band is a pain to remember and combine weapons and so souldn't exist after the beta phase. Really !
- placed shot for 1 command point : placed shot was a major issue in Planetfall V1. Now you can fire on 3+ after movement for a very low price and this is not fun.
- targeted strikes with designator needs clear rules
- the option to fire on 2+ with commande points and another talent souldn't exist at all
- 1D6 for a complete helix kill : I rolled 2 times and obtained a "1" twice. I think that this is a very frustrating mecanism in opposite to the very tied end of game we knew with V1. I can understand that this balance the use of multiple small helix but 1D6 is not a good idea.

what needs a second try :
- aerial movement (I played units with strafing run) is very scripted but makes sense. Seems that aerial units could be forced to leave the table if next turn is not anticipated. The lack of "flat out" attack make your aerial units always moving at the same speed.

Sorry for my bad english ;)

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Nice report. 

Flyers moving off table hmm? What did you count that as doing? What options would work?


Returns in the turn after next (spend cp to return early) 

From comments by Derek CQB weapons still ignores all defensive MARs & Shields waiting on a linking ruling to see whether they are actually main ordinance. 

How long did it take you in hours by the way? 

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