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Lord Bloodwings

Bloodwings' Planetfall

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Just finished up painting, basing and gluing the flight peg for my Heavy Aquan Skimmer. Still have the rest of the Aquans and Directorate to go in the Battle for Proteus Prime box set, but hopefully I will be able to regularly update this thread often enough.




I plan on painting them using the same colour scheme for my already painted Aquan Prime armada fleet.


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Oooohhhhh Aaahhhhhh!!!


Excellent choice of colours. Very nicely picked out Details. The colours really Pop.  Nice connection to your FSA fleet.

A Very stand-out force

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more Aquan and the Directorate. 

BTW. By the look of the base, that is not a very Aquan friendly planet. 


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Finished the Directorate Heavy Crawler, "the Desolator" last night. I'm still thinking about adding some more detail to it but I am happy with the black and red colours and robust metals over the model. Magnetised the turret as well, but I figure that is a must with these tanks. Also did the base dry brushing for the rest of the directorate force, which you can sort of see in the background of these images.




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Just finished painting up the Aquan Medium skimmers, going on with the same scheme to match my Aquan fleet. I am also working on some forest bases at the moment for the game. hopefully I will have a picture of those up in the forum soon enough. My next models to work on will be the Directorate medium crawlers and cyber warfare tanks.






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Awesome @Lord Bloodwings  Truely Awesome. 

The Purple Pipes look super Organic, which I like a lot. 

You have done really great highlights. Spectacular colour set and wonderful finish. Great photos too. 

I spotted the Directorate lurking in the background, looks like They are well underway 

Thanks for sharing, I look forward to more pictures 


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So most of this week has been just working on my Directorate Medium tanks, but I have also been working on some terrain to use in the game. I went to an arts supply store and got some small trees for dioramas which were a good size for planetfall. I made up some simple bases for the trees with cardboard. I used tape around the sides and then used some basing grit for dirt/mud on them. I gave these bases a heavy black spray paint undercoat and then attached the trees followed by a lot of dry brushing.

Tell me what you think, I added some of my Sorylians to give some size perspective to the bases.








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Just finished up the Directorate Desolator Medium Crawlers and the Aquan Prime Votari Crystal Nodes and Stingray anti-air batterys.

Nearly half way through the battle for Proteus prime boxset!

Up next are the Directorate cyberwarfare tanks and transport. In the next few days I should receive my Spartan games order with the new trench terrain and the special bonus piece of terrain. Should be good.



20170605_144725.jpg 20170605_144751.jpg20170605_144739.jpg



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