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Tournament: HARD POUNDING 11

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Its been a while but since Dwars is starting to rev back up again I'm pleased to announce that I'll be hosting Hard Pounding 11 on the 24th June at Outpost wargames in Sheffield.

Here is the rules pack:


Basic highlights it's three rounds one 1000pt, one 1250 and one 1500 so everybody gets a good full fat game of Dwars in the final round but we all actually get to go home at a reasonable hour!

You use the same 1k list but can add on 250 in round 2 and 500 in round 3.

The missions are all in the link above from Ironclad, a rules pack that we've run umpteen events on has been play tested to death and has been translated into other languages! Thread is pinned in general discussion.

Tickets are £16 including lunch and some generous prize support and are available here:


Any questions or discussion you can drip by here but I tend to be a bit lax checking these days or if you use facebook like 2,000,000,000 other people there is an event page here that I'll answer too pretty quick sharpish : https://www.facebook.com/events/439792163055528/?ti=as

Hopefully see you soon




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I've got my ticket, looking forward to it. Though the adding in of 2 exactly 250 point force editions was taxing the little grey cells, till I realised it's just 4 Halifax heavy bombers ;-) (I wouldn't actually bring this) 

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