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2.0 Orbat changes

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Biggest Change comes in the Order System and Faction Orders.

The Faction has a LOT of Kill Team, meaning that a Sorylian Force on the Charge is really scary. Also, they regenerate Command Points faster than most because of the increased number of Command Centres (Command Barge and Leviathan).


The Medium/Light flexibility of the Sorylians is also very interesting, allowing for Medium Take and Hold units to dominate the middle table unless carefully removed by the enemy.

.....and the Assault Robots are really, really good....probably too good If I'm honest. They work in the calculator as the points shown, but its one of those things that shines on the table (where the calc cant predict.... so I would expect them to get a slight points increase as we move forwards.


So the combination of low Command Point requirement, regeneration of Command Points, flexible Medium and Light playstyles, tons of Kill Team MAR (...and the robots...did I mention them!?) means the Sorylians are developing into one of my favourite factions to play and test with.




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