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Resa F

OSO Allied Aquisitions Division- 1000 points boarding fleet

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So with the new Corsair models coming I've been looking at expanding my OmniDyne with Corsairs for a tourney in June. How does this look to people? Lots of Cyber seems like a good reason to go boarding heavy.

Executive- Cyber, Torpedoes- 200 (200)

Racketeer- +4 Wing Cap, remove Disengage Freight; +1 Shield, gain Vulnerable, Add Any Arc Torpedoes remove second Fore Primary- 160 (360)

--6x Assault Shuttles- 30 (390)

--2x Interceptors- 10 (400)

3x Auditors- Cyber- 255 (655)

3x Brigands- Include Second Fore Primary remove Retractable Plating; Gain Launch Tubes & Second Assault, remove Torpedoes- 165 (820)

6x Synergy- Cyber- 90 (910)

6x Synergy- Torpedoes- 90 (1000)

OmniDyne stuff sits back and Cybers stuff with the Racketeer lurking, providing cover with Interceptors and lobbing torps over. Then when the time is right bring in the Brigands to blast, board, and probably die in fiery glory, with the Racketeer closing in and boarding with Assault Shuttles too.

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