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Initial Terran unit review

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So played a game today. 

Played the Ullr Mk 2 as written. It was helpful in this game against Dinzi very much a one trick pony. 

Pinpoint only triggered once. I was less bothered given I only had my Baldrs and Sherriff compared to the masses PP of the Dinzi. 

Linking the CQB and Drake cannons is fun until you realise that infantry still only get hit on 6s and it takes rolling 36 dice for 2 turns to remove them. (CQB weapons should have AP across the board) 

The Vidar isn't t the close range monster it used to be and I'm not quite sure where its trying to fit. 

The difference between the Ullr and others movement is just annoying after 2 turns of trying to speed across the board. Feels like a leash on your Hemidals. 

Baldrs worked ok but getting them to stay in their best Range band is impossible after turn 1 even more so if you lose initiative multiple times. 

Valkyries did what they normally do sit on a tertitary and die eventually (I would of taken a unit of Freyas if I had the models) 

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Waiting for DW2.5 to be shipped I thought about bridging the gap with some Planetfall. Never played the system, but I have collected something around 8k points of terrans and now would be a good opportunity for something non steampunk related. 


Given the more or less bad reputation terrans seem to have here (slow,short ranged etc.) I never started playing. Now reading the latest changes I seem to have missed an opportunity, as terrans have been hit with a lot of nerfs and are even weaker than before? Is it fun playing them and is it worth painting my stuff? Or are the terrans as crippled as it reads and I should keep my stuff in it's box, waiting for another change?


A few veteran insights would be helpful, as I know the Dystopian systems, but I am relativly new to the Firestorm part. Could be it's just sounding as bad because of the missing experience so far. 

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Terrans are a strange bunch.

They are very expensive points wise it seems because the calculator that Spartan use gives Shields a high value. 

Being Close range tank heavy but slowish speed is tricky to balance. I have found it hard to get into the mind set of going Flat out turn 1 and missing a turn of shooting. 

I think they are meant to be the attrition faction but Shields will sometimes save loads sometimes not so its hard to weather the Storm always. 

Love the models though so can't move to another Faction. 



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On 2017-5-11 at 0:39 AM, CoreHunter said:

compared to the other heavy infantry in the 60pt range they are bad. think sorylians and rsn have much better heavy infantry.

Actually just re read the Huscraps and for such a cool looking unit with the coolest looking transportation why bother. Nyx GTs plus an Officers are 40 points cheaper per unit (110 if you take the cheapest transport option) and only lose out on a base worth of MO and don't have the 1 shield but gain an extra HT, Nexus Des, Kill Team, and I assume the ability to do Storming cqb without using a cp. 

Now I don't mind that they are much better or for that matter that they are cheaper if you go down the line of they are the backbone of Dinzi and so get a discount. But 110 points discount that's  huge. 

Thats 7 command points so 7 rounds of those Nyx hitting with a placed bonus. 

Without being a cry hard. Some insight into the rational behind the points costing would really help here. @Spartan Derek



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Steady on Chris.

Lets not get mean about my beloved Huscarls. Name calling is unedifying.:huh:


In response to the question regarding unit comparison....

Have you played with the Huscarls yet under the new system?

They are NOT the backbone of the Terrans, but rather an intervention unit. The Terran Light Infantry is the backbone now.

The Nyx ARE really good no doubt about it as on paper they seem to have more in every regard.... but tend to be less impressive when you move into a real space rather than theory crafting - Often their random deployment (especially in the new system forces them to deploy in a hurry or risk losing the ability to deploy at all (ie, the Dindrenzi lose their designator units), they are hampered by being  a 4-base unit that reduces in effectiveness by 25% each casualty. As an alpha strike they MUST complete their objectives in a single swing, or a good layered deployment will wipe them put without too many problems.

The Nyx are expensive with either their Alpha Strike Drop Pod or Recon Drop Pod increasing their TV as a result of such delivery mechanisms, highly susceptible to Orbital Strike once deployed (which doesn't care how elite you think you are) and get crippled by focused Fire Actions (CQB or Ranged)..... add to that the Terrans have more Infantry available and in larger units, field cheaper weapons, soak-casualties in their Light Units better (thus making their holding of vital objectives in the game more likely) .....and are just way better looking (....Terran bias....)... :P....and the Huscarls return to doing their support role with Light Infantry leading the way in the new Terran Force Lists.


Now, I DO take the Heavy infantry, mostly in reserve areas, to give me a punch unit when my Light Infantry get engaged. I don't use them in the same way as Dindrenzi Nyx - they aren't a patch to fix all ills. Instead I present the Huscarls as close assualters deployed once the enemy commits allowing them to they sweep in on their Transports, or if the player is more cagey I hold them back and make sure they are de-bussed in combat locations, at the time out of sight of the enemy, ready to move in and engage. I voluntarily give up a round of shooting to remain hidden, then engage when the enemy has committed themselves...or I put them on Overwatch, where their reasonable AD give a strong counter/defensive bubble for my other forces.


Stats in Play

Finally its also worth pointing out that the stats I put up ARE only design stats, with the beta testing not yet under way. As I mentioned when we started the process....YOU are all beta testers in as close a way as I can get the general-public to be. If you have an issue don't moan about it.... PLAY IT OUT and give me feedback! Your opinion is important, but must be cited with real world gameplay to be considered anything other than opinion. I cant act on opinion, but I can act on evidence.


Present me your findings from the games you play and things WILL change in the Force Lists. I don't set things in stone - especially statistics! I am happy to roll and adapt with the games I work on - its the basis for good project control in my view..

Gimmie Games!

And we can get this process moving.:)






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Sorry must of been fat fingers typing :)

Thanks for the insight it really helps when looking at what roles units should be going for etc. 

I'm not convinced that Nyx dropping in are as random as you say. From a gamethis weekend (admittedly only one but every one counts) my opponent was able to comfortably drop all 4 squads plus the recon squad right on top of my reserve forces. Which then kicked a Hirdman out of the secondary and tired up the reserve from supporting the right flank where most of the Dinzi vehicles were. This pretty much won him the game as i tried to remove the Nxy who were in striking range of both primaries now if left unchecked. 

We may of done things wrong (CQB really confused us) and infantry were impossible to deal with quick because we played that they always get HT-2 unless its an AP weapon even CQB as its now just another shooting attack. 

I don't have Huscarls yet as PF died out here when they came out. I'll see if my opponent will allow proxies next game. 

I have played games with the new rules and have reported them admittedly not with the Huscarls but the above Nyx situation is actually game play (not just moaning) 

Heres the link. Let me know if its of any use and if not how to improve. I really want to see PF become the game it set out to be and the one that got me hooked. 

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A point on CQB...it ignores all Hard Target Modifiers, Shields and Cloaking! So Terran CQB shouldn't have too much trouble bashing Dindrenzi Nyx who stray too close.

Remember as well, all drops are affected by a 1D6" scatter.... nothing lands exactly on target....they were shot in from space!


If a D-Player is able to target all his forces into a narrow front like you describe, good on him!....but he should be aware that flyers coming in from reserve,  horrible AA-tanks with all Hard Target reduction removal, etc will mince him....so he had better achieve everything in the turn he shows up...or...its Nyx-pate for tea.:D



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