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Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)

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Nicely done as always @Skyhawk

a very compelling read with a deeper dive into the strategies being employed in the battle. I really like that. 

The addition of a bit humour is great too. Not too much to overshadow the drama, but enough to lighten the tension. Well done. 

Thanks for sharing 


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I haven't done a whole lot lately. But I have gotten some work done on my Hercules heavy cruiser.

Here it was when I first started working on it


Here it is after




I admit that it is not done yet but I have made good progress on it. 

Thanks for looking! Thoughts and comments are appreciated!

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3 hours ago, Wolfgang Jannesen said:

What kind of paint is that blue? It's a gorgeous deep shade for being so reflective.  I'd love to see a step by step tutorial from you in the future when you feel like it, just to see your process and detail work 

It is testors metallic arctic blue. I can do that for my pugios as I do the challenge , if you want. 

1 hour ago, WestAustralian said:

We will need another group shot once the Hercules is done. :)

Absolutely, I will also do other ships that are not yet done as well.

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Today has been a day of me trying to finish some projects, I have too many to count. 

Here are some Teutons before my India ink wash.


Now with the wash. 


A bit easier to see the difference on this Armsmen than the Tuetons.



Talk about grimy looking!


I got my vindicates partially painted.



Next on the list for my Imperial fleet will be the Victory class star destroyer/cruiser squadron.

Thankyou for looking!

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7 hours ago, Wolfgang Jannesen said:

please post the stats once you start working on them!

I will be sure to do that.

7 hours ago, Wolfgang Jannesen said:

Your conversion ability is pretty great, have you ever tried sculpting anything?

Thanks. Somewhat, I'm better at building things with styrene than I am at sculpting things.

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As requested, here are the stats for the Imperial fleet.

Imperial MkII Star Destroyer.   Tier 1 Battleship. Squadron size= 1.     Price??? Need help on pricing these

DR6, CR10, MV7", HP8,CP7,AP7,PD5,MN0, SH3, Wings 3, Turn limit 2

Beam weapons: Port/Starboard( 10"=12)( 20"=14)(30"=6)( 40"=4);  Turrets(any) (10"=12)(20"=10)(30"=5)(40"=0)

Torpedos: Any(12"=6)(24"=6)(36"=6)(48"=6)

MARS: Elite Crew

Hardpoints: +1 MV(+5p), +2AP(+10p), -1TL(+10P), +2wings(FREE), Second Assault MAR(+10p)

Upgrades: Give P/S weapons Split fire(+5p), Launch tubes(+10p),Energy Transfer 2 (+10p)


Victory MKI Star Destroyer. Tier 2 Cruiser. Squadron size 2-3, Price?????

DR4, CR6, MV7", HP4,CP5,AP4,PD3,MN0, SH1, Wings 1, Turn limit 1

Beam weapons: Port/Starboard( 10"=5)( 20"=7)(30"=3)( 40"=0);  Turrets(any) (10"=5)(20"=6)(30"=3)(40"=0)

Torpedos: Any(12"=4)(24"=4)(36"=4)(48"=4)

MARS: Elite Crew

Hardpoints: +1 Wings(FREE), +1AP(+5P

Upgrades:Energy Transfer 1(+5p)


Vindicator. Tier 3 Frigate. Squadron size 2-3, Price?

DR4, CR5, MV10", HP2,CP3,AP2,PD1,MN0, SH1, Wings 1, Turn limit 1

Beam Weapons:Turrets(any) (10"=4)(20"=5)(30"=3)(40"=0)

Torpedos: Any(12"=3)(24"=3)(36"=3)(48"=3)

MARS: Difficult Target.


Feel free to make any suggestions on possible changes. Use them all you want, feel free to play test them!

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