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Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)

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Excellent. Awesome writing and a great campaign concept. 

I would like to hear the ideas you have for the Dark Knights


I have a bit of Fiction from my corsairs/allies/enemies mostly finished. It was inspired by you @Skyhawk. I think I have been waiting until I finish the painting before releasing it. 

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On 07/27/17 at 3:27 AM, WestAustralian said:

I have a bit of Fiction from my corsairs/allies/enemies mostly finished. It was inspired by you @Skyhawk.

Thanks WestAustralian. Glad I could be an inspiration to you. I can't wait to see your backstory. 

The Dark Knights of Dramos.

Commanded by the military genius Admiral Ramus aboard his flagship the Black Hammer, a Retribution class dreadnought. The Dark Knights are considered one of the best fleets in the Dindrenzi Navy. They served as one of the spearpoints for the Dindrenzi advance into the Stormzone. Many systems fell before their might. As a result of their success they were the fleet chosen to invade the Cardia system which was protected by the 316th Storm Fleet  commanded by Admiral Thomas Frederick. The battle between the two forces was ferocious, with the nuclear firepower of the 316th claiming many of the Dark knight's smaller ship, while many Terran battleships fell to the Knight's railguns. The battle began to turn to the Knights favor though when the Black Hammer fired a shot that damaged Admiral Thomas' flagship, the Fury killing him in the process. The apparent destruction of the Fury put the Terran fleet into disarray allowing the Knight's to begin pushing them back. All hope was lost for the 316th until the Fury  under Commodore Standifer's command suddenly began to attack the Knight from the rear. Seeing that the enemy was distracted by the renewed efforts of the Fury Commodore Lee led his battlegroup to its aid. The seeming resurrection of the Fury and the renewed courage of the rest of the Terran fleet threw the Knights into a disarray of their own. This along with the heavy losses and inability to halt the 316th's renewed advance Admiral Ramus was forced to finally call for a retreat. The loss of the battle was devastating to the Dindrenzi. The Dindrenzi Command did all it could to hush up all reports of the loss. The Dark Knights were redeployed to a relatively quiet region to rebuild and recover. The Terrans fared little better, as they had lost one of their admiral's and many warships. The 316th ,though victorious, was so weakened by the battle that they were forced to disband it. The units within it were reassigned to other fleets. The Fury and the newly minted Admiral Standifer they sent to the Celestial to join the 501st and get repairs. All the while, Admiral Ramus begins his search for the young Commodore of the Fury who defied all odds and defeated him.

Whew that was alot. Thanks for reading and feel free to tell me what you all think!

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Thanks @WestAustralian.

After much procrastination I have finally got back in the mood for working on my firestorm projects.

My first Victory class star destroyer.


Not a whole lot done but it is a start.



Now if I could just find that missing half finished vindicator I'll doing good.

Thanks for looking!


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Thanks for the likes and comment!

Having secured the area around the Anomaly the unknown fleet is preparing to invade the inner planets of the Artemia system.



The 501st begins to regroup at main research zone in the belt to prepare for the inevitable Dindrenzi assault.




The Dark Knights of Dramos ready themselves for battle against the enemy who defeated them.


Tell me what you think! and thank you for reading!

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Dagnabit! I just realized the top picture wasn't the right one! I fixed it now. Sorry about that! 

Anywho I have been building a space station. Thats what your seeing in the picture. 

I have come up with an idea for the Dark Knights. I won't go into details until I'm ready though.

Thanks for the compliments.

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If you haven't read it yet, you need to go read WestAustralian's Fiction thread! He did a great job on it!

Battle For Artemia Begins.

On the Bridge of his Flagship The Black Hammer Admiral Ramus awaits the final preparations for the assault on the Terran stronghold in the Artemia system to be completed. He stood there overlooking the twin railguns of the Black Hammer pondering the rumors that had reached his ears. In the battle for the Anomoly intelligence tentatively identified the the Terran battleship that participated in the battle as the Fury. The Admiral's fist clenched at the thought of the Terran warship. For it was through the Fury and her mysterious commander that brought about the Knight's defeat at Cardia. While intelligence had been unable to identify the Terran fleet's admiral in Artemia, Ramus had no doubt that it was the same man. He would take great pleasure in the total destruction of the Fury, and the death of his foe. 

"Admiral, All ship have reported in and we are ready to begin at your command." Said the Captain into his musings.

"Is my flagship ready Captain?" He asked.

"Your Flagship is ready, Admiral." came the formal reply.

"Then let us begin."


I am going to break up the posts for this next part to avoid making it too long. 

Thankyou very much for reading, and feel free to comment and make suggestions.

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You've seen it from the Knight's perspective now for the 501st's.

Battle for Artemia Begins

 In the middle of the Artemian belt, away from any Terran stations or enemy ships, lies Command group Alpha recover from its wounds in the recent Battle of the Anomaly. 

"Admiral Standifer, Sir" said Captain Noah. 

Admiral Standifer turns to look at  the Captain. "Yes Captain?"

"All ships have reported in and all repairs have been made. We are ready to give those Zenian scum a good hiding, If I may say so Sir." Captain Noah said confidently.

"What were our losses Captain?"Standifer could see the Captain begin to look uncomfortable at the question.

"Rough counts currently sit at 15 percent casualties, Sir" 

Standifer shook his head sadly. Many leaders would consider 15  percent to be acceptable losses. to him however no loss was exceptable, no matter how small. He could not with a clear concious send men into battle possibly to their deaths if he did not put himself on the front with them. That was one of the many lessons that Admiral Frederick had taught him before his death at Cardia. 

  Cardia. Standifer was the commodore of the Fury at that battle. He was there when a railgun slug made it through the ships shields barely missing the bridge. The impact killed many of  the command crew including Admiral Frederick. He had watched as the Dark Knights began to drive the disheartened Terrans back while the Fury  lay helpless. When the ship was finally made semi operational he had ordered the attack on the enemies rear in hopes that it would buy the 316th time to escape. Rather than running Commodore Lee led the charge to their aid. They won, at a horrific cost. 

"What progress have the techs made on the enemy frigate?" Standifer asked in an effort to drag his mind from the past.

"Decription is...... difficult. We don't know the language so we're having to try and interpret it while we decript the systems." the Captain replied. 

"Alright, Contact the Freedom and Liberty send them our cordinates, and have them remain here and guard the frigate while regroup with Bravo and Charlie." ordered Standifer.

"Yes Sir."

"And tell Bravo and Charlie to prepare for visitors."

"Sir?" the Captain asked quizzically.

"The Dark Knights of Dramos do not take defeat lightly. They will be looking for us. It is best that we be prepared." Standifer explained. What he did not tell the Captain was the the commander of the Knights was one of the best Admirals in the Dindrenzi navy. And that he would attack them with a vengeance for his defeat at Cardia.


Thanks for reading! Your thoughts about it will be appreciated! 

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Thanks for the likes and for the compliments! And since clifford is patiently waiting for part 3, so  here you go!

Battle for Artemia Begins: Part 3

Standing guard over the Celestial and theGalileo spacestations battlegroups Bravo and Charlie await the arrival of Admiral Standifer and command group Alpha. 

"What is the ETA on Command group Alpha?" asked Commodore Jackson.

"Fifteen minutes, Commodore." came the answer.

"Contact MissouriI wish to speak with Commodore Lee." he said.

"Understood Sir." said the communications officer. "We have established contact with them, Sir." he said after a few minutes.

"Put him on." 

"Yes, Sir."

"Commodore Jackson, what is it you need?" Commodore lee said.

Jackson smiled, Lee wasn't one to waste time with small talk. "What are your thoughts on what Admiral Standifer told us?" 

"That we've got our work cut out for us. Last intelligence report I read was that the Dark Knights equalled us in numbers, between that and the unidentified fleet coming oout of the Anomaly we're going to need reinforcements."

"Agreed." Jackson assented. "Do you think the Admiral is correct about the Dindrenzi fleet being the Dark Knights, and that their coming here?"

"I'd say that he is correct, he has had experience with the Dark Knights before. And their Admiral is known for being vengeful. I have no doubt that he has been hunting for Admiral Standifer ever since his defeat at Cardia." said Lee.

"When am I going to get the whole story of what happened there?" 

"You will have to ask him. He hasn't even told me everything, and I was there." Lee said sadly.

"Perhaps when the war is over. If it ends in-" he began when the ship's alarms suddenly interrupted him. 

"Commodore! We just detected a Dindrenzi fleet coming out of slipspace!"

"Alert all ships. All hands to battlestations." ordered Jackson. "Looks like we're going to be earning pay today Lee, Godspeed."

"Godspeed Jackson. we're going to need it." replied Lee.

Jackson nodded his agreement to Lee before turning to the communications officer. "Open a channel to Bravo for me."

"Yes Sir."

"This is Commodore Jackson to battlegroup Bravo," he began when the channel opened. "The enemy has arrived, lets show them the door."


Thanks for reading! Comments and likes are appreciated!  

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MiaHahahahahahahaha! I HAVE REURNED! 

Any who, Here is my custom heavy cruiser I have been working on.


I used a Perseus front and a hauberk engine segment.


And a size comparison between it a teuton and a marshal.


I'll try to post some pictures later today, but I will be unable to do anything serious until after Chromes.


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Battlegroup Echo ships and updates


The gray bar means its a squadron commander.


The Nebula



My new thruster colors.



I added some markings to my teutons.


And some details to my Razorthorn and Apollo. Blue Stripes mean that the ship is the Taskforce commander.



Thanks for looking and have a Merry Christmas! See you all next year!

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It has been a while since I have posted any backstory, and I know that at least a few were wondering what happens next. 

Battle for Artemia


   "INCOMING!!!!" Commodore Lee grabbed the arms to avoid being thrown to the deck as the ship shook from yet another impact.

"Damage report!" he barked when the shaking subsided.

"Turrets twelve and eleven are inoperable. Minor hull damage on deck fifteen. Damage control is sealing the area to prevent the atmosphere from venting." The Captain reported.

"Thank you Captain." Lee replied. His battlegroup was taking a beating. When the Dindrenzi first arrived he order his group to charge the enemy in an attempt to buy the rest of the defenders time to prepare. Unfortunately the enemy admiral had taken precautions against such a charge by deploying his fleet in a very deep formation. The result was that while Battlegroup Charlie washable to damage the forward elements of the Dindrenzi fleet they were mauled by the rest of the fleet. Wolverine squadron had suffered heavy damage and lost a ship, Hyena was down to half strength, and the Missouri herself was taking murderous fire from the enemy dreadnought Blackhammer. 

"We just received a communication from Command group Alpha, Sir! They say the will arrive in roughly Fifteen minutes!" They Communication Officer report excitedly.

"Where will they be coming out of fold space at?" Lee asked?

"Bringing it up on the Tactical map right now sir."

Lee walked over to look at the display.  ****, right in the middle of the Dindrenzi fleet. They would get torn apart before they knew what hit them. Unless he could get the Dindrenzi to move closer toward the stations. It would be risky, but if it worked it could bring about the defeat of the enemy.

"Contact Commodore Jackson and inform him that we will be falling back to the Celestial , and if he would be so kind as to provide cover fire we would greatly appreciate it."He ordered the Communications officer. "And then order Battlegroup Charlie to fall back."

"Yes sir."

Lee returned to his chair as the deck began to tilt as the Missouri began to bank away from the enemy. The ship continued to shudder as the Dark Knights began to give chase. One shudder in particular came from a Terran nuclear torpedo that detonated a bit too close.

"Please tell Jackson that he is suppose to providing covering fire, not trying to blow us up." Lee said.

"Commodore Jackson said that if you would get in the way all the time he would have to shoot so close to you. Sir"The Communications officer relayed with a grin.

Commodore Lee began to reply when  He was thrown to the floor as the Missouri gave her most violent shudder yet.



I hate to cut it off there but I got a crick in my neck now.

 Tell me what you think and thank you for reading!

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Skyhawk these look incredible! From 100 yards away I feel like this fleet would catch your eye, I love it. The black and red looks so mean and the white linework adds... Glory? Maybe? Something majestic to the overall effect. I really appreciate your fluff too, I haven't read through it all but its giving me and hopefully a lot of other players the inspiration to start writing our own fleet histories. 

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Thank you very much, @Wolfgang Jannesen. I am glad I can be an inspiration to others. I also have to thank @WestAustralian @Bessemer, @clifford, @Pathogen, and others who have helped me to get better and encourage me to do better at both painting and writing the backstory. 

The white stripes are the Battlegroup markings. White is for Alpha, black Diagonal bar  for Beta, black across the nose for charlie, green for echo, three red triangles for zeta, and the lightning bolts for Spec ops.  Pages one and two have the various battlegroups if you want to see them.

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