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The Archadian Gate - A Narrative Escalation Campaign

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Posting these much later than I wanted to but figured I get them in before the campaign continues next week. I got my first victory over Sake Samurai and his Dindrenzi. Though I am a little bitter that he captured two ships and escaped with one (He got my Omnidyne Cruiser but I blew up my own Brigand before he could escape with it).  I managed to take the planet and he managed to make contact with the Alien station, though he needed to improve his negotiation skills as the station shot at him two times before agreeing to a truce. Nuck and Firecam dueled next to me. I didn't get to see much of the battle but it looks like Nuck pulled off the victory. Enjoy the pictures, hopefully next time I can find the time to write a nice battle report like Eater. 













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Looking forward to more reports from you guys! Looks like you got bitten by the same Photobucket tick that got me. POSTIMAGE.IO will be picking up a flood of new  accounts. I've already pulled down all my photobucket pics and move them to postimage. I've got a LOT of broken links to fix... :wacko:

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