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Directorate v2.0 Stats

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Hello! I've felt like opening a thread to talk about the new stats of Directorate and Works Raptor. To begin I'm going to compare them to the old stats. I'm waiting for your opinions, I hope there'll be a productive discussion.

FIrst the big guys:

-1 SH (4)
-1 Ranged CQB (14)
Loses Independent Targeting

-20 Pts (265)
-1 TV (4 or 9)
+8 Ranged CQB (14)
+3 AD Pacemaker Missiles at the best range (12)
Pacemaker Missiles gain 5" of range (25")

-4 Melee CQB (8)
Pacemaker Missiles loses right arc
Loses Independent Targeting

+1 TV (8)
-1 First DR (11+11+10)
-2 AD Plasma Surge (18)
Cyberattack Booster loses 4” of range (8)

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Thanks for the comparison @Manu_S 

this makes it easier for me. 

It is always rough to see something lose power without a points cut.

The Wraith has had a light hit, which could be fine.

The Nemesis is a mixed bag. Looks like a push towards a Ranged Focus. Seems unusual for an assault unit. Could be OK, not sure.

Arbiter has taken a real Hit. I don't think I am a fan of these changes. Does anyone feel the Arbiter was overpowered?


i just noticed there is another Command Helix. The Fortified Command Helix. What is the Providence?  I hope it is actually an immobile fortification 

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I think that in the current game it can be, depending on how you design your force.  However, I think the new version is pretty poorly thought out.  They cut the Cyber chart down to make the best result much harder to reach, which makes its main weapon worse.  They take dice away from it's "real" gun.  They make it less tough.  I might be OK with one of these, but all of them together?

For the Independent Target changes, perhaps that's not a rule any more?  Nothing in the list has it, including the new WR test models.  I never really understood why you needed a rule to have the ability to do that anyway.  You'd think with advances in AI assist and other such technologies that having each weapon system blast the appropriate target would be a common thing in the future, not something special.

For the Nemesis, I *think*, though I could be misinterpreting the intent of the new rules for sure, that the AD got reduced on the B2B model because you'll now be able to both use the ranged CQB "weapon" and the B2B weapon if you're in B2B with someone.  The implication seems to be that the only thing that counts as CQB is the CQB stat, and any B2B weapons can be used as normal if you get there.

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As i have posted in another thread it may be the usual SG typos but the Pacifer L/R cannons do not have the same stats in the new list. West Australian if you are unhappy with the Arbiter wait to you see what is coming for some of the other types. To be fair it is impossible  to judge these new stats until they can be compared to the other lists.

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TBH, the Arbiter quite deserves that nerf and remains extremely powerful even with these new stats. In our game group, this beast dominates the table very often, for a quite low TV and point cost. And facing two of them is a real nightmare.

I really hope they will also remove the stupid rule that says "yeah, even if the Arbiter is destroyed, you won't gain a single TV point as long as one drone is alive". Nonsense ;)

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I just realized after looking through these again that the first effect on the Cyber chart is actually a lot different.  When I glanced at it the first time, I thought it was the same,    I mentally translated that to "hit on a 5/6," which is only part of the effect. Now, they can't use Nexus Designators as part of the effect.  They can't call in Orbital Strikes, use target lock, or zero sky drop markers.  I don't think it's going to make a huge difference for most forces, but for those with Nexus Designator "tricks" like passing target lock to other units, it will be a more interesting effect.

In other news, played a few test games of Directorate vs. all-comers (using current force rules as this was before the other force documents released) to see how the changes work.  Arbiters are actually really, really broken due to Orbital Strike changes.  I used a force with 3 of them and decimated my opponent with minimal resistance.  The drones give you the ability to set off multiple unanswerable strikes from turn 1.  By the end of the first turn, I had such a significant activation advantage that I could easily run opponents out of activations and then get multiple shots into them with no return fire.  Made even easier by even more Orbital Strikes on any remaining medium/light squads and then Cyber-hacking heavy squads to turn off.  The arbiter itself is okayish in a vacuum, but it's bonkers with interactions in the new rules. 

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Am I wrong that Directorate infantry can now hit on 2+ in CQB?

Shrapnel storm means they can use a Command Point to gain placed shot.

Battle Drugs means they can use another Command Point to gain a second placed shot bonus. Does placed shot stack?


Also, Infantry shooting their Primary Peacemaker Missile Launchers can reach out to 25" with 2AD each. Or 4AD at 20". That changes things.


And the Arbiter Ground Command Helix can be taken as a Core Helix?! Nice

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I wouldn't think they would stack as each one grants a Placed Bonus. I would think that they way its worded they could CQB air as they count their CQB Weaponry as being Secondary Weapons would be nice to get a designer clarification. 

Shrapnel Storm - All Directorate/Works Raptor elements count their CQB Weaponry as being Secondary Weapons and so may execute Fire Orders with these weapons.

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15 hours ago, chrisbburn said:

Looks that way. Its a lot of CP points sink. 

How many CP are people thinking of taking? 5 per 1000 pts? 

CP for Directorate are crazy cheap though. 5 points each, for massive tactical flexibility and the ability to pretty much ignore things like disorder. 5 points to remove disorder markers? No biggie. In a 4,000 point game, I'll probably have at least 125 points worth of CP. That's nothing overall, will mean maybe one less tiny unit at most, and gives you 25 markers. Hmm. Maybe I'll go for 35 markers, and ignore a large chunk of the V2 ruleset. Like 'Rally'.  I'll never have to worry about losing troops to forlorn hope, that's for sure.


...might be broken, shouldn't make it through the beta in this form. Maybe they should restrict the number of commands that can be given per turn?

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At the very least, they should restrict the amount of commands that can be given to a single unit per turn.  If there are no limitations, then Disorder might as well be removed from the game.  If I can pay 5 points to ignore a damage, I'm going to.  If enemy forces can pay 5-15 points to negate the only type of damage that several of our units can do, they will.  Also, what's the point of the drawback on the flamethrower tank upgrade when it turns into "1/3 chance to need to spend 5 points after shooting" for a huge increase in functionality?  That's not really a drawback, it's just stupid bookkeeping.  Nobody is ever going to take damage from the ability with the option to ignore it for pocket change.

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Yeah, that's some seriously **** synergy with Cyber.  At least most of their models have fairly short range.  I intend to just Orbital Strike them to death before they can do much.  Failing that, Heavy Infantry Grand Companies hitting on 3's will settle for them pretty quick.

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