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Commission of the Covenant

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This fleet was painted for a mate who commissioned me to paint his Covenant fleet, I wanted to do something different than white and we trialed a couple of colour schemes before we settled on a deep purple and grey scheme with bright green energy effects.


The entire fleet, I am pretty happy with the way the grey turned out, it looks metallic but is really just grey paint.


Aristotle Battleship, Diophantus Assault Carrier, Hippasus Battle Cruiser, Cleomedes Cruisers, Diogenes Frigates,Thales Corvettes and Plutarch Heavy Destroyers


Plutarch Heavy Destroyers, Zeno Armoured Cruiser, Fresnel Gunships and Kepler Light Carriers.


Capek Interceptors, Ptolemy Mine Layers, Icarus Flyers, Hyperbius Class Control Flyers and a Epicurus Sky Fortress.






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