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Neratius' Sorylians and Kurak Alliance

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Dude!!! Supreme Awesomeness!!!!!!

I have hit my daily "Like Button" limit. But I will be back to hit that like button. Until the Like x 10 !

You have gone full on picking out the fine details there. Awesome colour selection too. 

Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing your fleet as it grows


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@WestAustralian Thanks for the advice. that seems to work with puush aswell. And yes i can tell you how to paint the white:

Model is primed black. I always work upwards from dark to light colours. I use the Gamesworkshop range of colours but you can use whatever you want for it. 

Please keep in mind that the cruiser is a Prototype, so the white is not the level the whole fleet will have, it will be a little bit cleaner for the rest of the models.

First step is a very thin coat of grey (mechanicus standard grey). it does not have to cover perfectly, it is just the first step. always keep the recesses clean, so you do not have to paint them in the end again and mess up the white. after that we go wierd. Use ulthuan Grey and thin it down with medium (VERY important, no water!) then apply a thick coat of it on the surface without getting it in the recesses. the medium will desolve into the air while drying and the coat will be extremly even and cover over the standard grey very well. let it dry. be patient, it takes alot of time (2-3h). Then edgehighlight the panels with thinned white scar.

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So you guys all did see my Prototype for the Pattern i decided to paint my sorylians. i wanted to paint my battleship next but instead i decided to see how the pattern works if painted without having to decide what colour to put where, so i did another cruiser. now i only have 2 cruisers to go and the squad is done.


on the right you see the prototype from the first picture. the left one is the pattern applied for mass-painting. only minor differences between the two. so i am happy and i will start painting my entire fleet like this. painting the white takes a while to get it really smooth so it took me about 8h to paint the other cruiser even after the pattern being determined.

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