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Adepticon Planetfall Display Board

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Last year Nuck Fewton, our buddy Nikhil, and myself worked on the Cerberus station for Armada to draw attention to attendees of Adepticon and help promote the game. This year we decided to make a display board for Planetfall with the same purpose in mind. We were happy that many stopped by to ask about the game and many gained interest. It was unfortunate that many had not heard of the game but we did our best to encourage people to look into it. We started planning the project after the last Adepticon and started construction in August. We based it around one of our favorite video games growing up: Command and Conquer. You will see some Tiberium fields and possible a Nod Airstrip. We finished the day before the Schamburg Beachhead. Hopefully, we will be back next year with a new project! Enjoy the photos if you haven't seen it yet. 

Overview of the city assault


Terran Base


Trying to defend the Tiberium Fields


Dindrenzi Dropping in behind the defense line....


...while the Directorate Leviathan moves in to finish the defenders.


The Sheriff trying to evacuate Nakatomi Plaza. 



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