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U.S. Nationals @ Adepticon Coverage

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3 hours ago, Landlubber said:

Great to see Dystopian Wars at Adepticon! Some really nice-looking fleets.

Where are those all-white islands from? That's some interesting-looking terrain.

Fairly certain Spartan Josh made those.

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On Saturday I took a full squadron of Keplers, got my drones out and thought 'bloody hell, that's a lot of drones'. SAS spam has the potential to be an issue where I play, but since I'm the only one with more than one or two carriers, I don't need to discuss it- just have to be careful not to take too many carriers myself. At 1k points, for me, one carrier squadron is enough, a reasonably 'sas heavy' fleet will include two carrier(6) vessels at most.

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Who played as the Prussians? Just saw their list here:




They were 35pts over the limit, judging by this list anyway....made in February I know. But curious if this was spotted?


The Elbe is 220pts base, and the Saxony is 25pts each. Not 20pts

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